Humanizing conversational intelligence in healthcare.

Authenticx analyzes millions of conversations to surface recurring trends that healthcare organizations use to make informed, proactive decisions.

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Your transformational opportunities are being stored and ignored.

Using customer interaction data, we’ll help you reveal hidden barriers, motivators, and transformational strategies.

One source of truth. Insights across healthcare.

Life Sciences

Leverage patient and provider interactions to better direct compliance, CX, and operations leaders managing complex patient populations.
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The patient experience is not exclusive to the doctor’s office. Adapt to patient needs with healthcare-focused machine learning.
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Members keep calling. Do you know why? Survey fatigue makes it hard to get organic stories, feedback, and value drivers from customers.
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Artistic rendering of Authenticx platform showing blurred patient information above a sound wave with one position marked "Brand Value: Affordable" and the other "Brand Detractor: Online Portal"

Your customers are desperate to be heard. Are you listening?

We’re more than a software solution. Authenticx listens, analyzes, and activates customer voices to share insights that speak to the head and the heart. It’s data-backed storytelling at scale.

From healthcare, for healthcare.

You need a data partner that understands healthcare conversations are different. Our software connects qualitative human emotion to quantitative metrics to identify transformational opportunities in healthcare.

Account for every voice of your diverse patient population.

Authenticx makes it possible to combine existing customer interactions across calls, texts, chats, emails and more. We are a single data source that is organized around your specific needs, interests, sources, and categories.

Organize and structure conversational data.

A fully-immersive blend of quantitative and qualitative insights provides valuable context with data-backed storytelling and conversational intelligence. Categorize and tag existing data to give it structure and share across the organization.

Artistic rendering of Authenticx platform showing three sections overlapping each other, labels include "Recent Insights," "Tag Audio," and "58 Total Interactions"
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