Listening matters now more than ever.

We know you want to stay connected to your customers, especially in trying times. The truth is that they need to be heard, not surveyed more. We can help supercharge your existing customer innovation program with our Listening Accelerator.

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How it works

We don’t know what the next 30 days will look like. We’ll help you get ahead by listening to your customers and sharing what’s on their minds. Things are changing quickly. While they change, we’ll listen in for you.

Step 1

Secure Setup

We are set-up for healthcare and can mobilize quickly to gather insights from your customer center or target customer population. It's lightweight, HIPAA-compliant, and requires little IT/legal effort.



For the next 30 days we'll do all the listening, synthesis and analysis on your behalf.


Get Insights

In a 90-minute facilitated session, we’ll summarize findings into a comprehensive report with audio clips and data visualizations. 

Ready to start listening?

Connect with us and start your listening accelerator.

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“Authenticx’s Listening Accelerator gave us immediate value without heavy effort.  It was incredibly impactful to see our customer interaction data presented in their platform, and actually hear our customers’ voices.”

VP of Customer Experience, Health Insurance Company
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