Smart Sample™

Data with context.

Smart Sample™ is focused analysis on specific, targeted topics derived from collected interactions. These data samples help analysts and leaders understand what exactly is driving data-driven results.

Smart Sample | Conversation Analysis Software

Find the conversations that are most relevant to business needs.

With Smart Sample™ users are able to search for specific themes, topics, problems, or questions to evaluate how and why certain results are occurring.

Key Features

Immersive & Intelligent Data

Find data that is most relevant to the business need with specific classifiers to tag and label conversations

Search results include both transcripts and audio for comprehensive evaluation

High Impact Customer Feedback Analysis | Authenticx

Actionable Insights Across Healthcare

Leverage machine learning and rules-based classifiers for targeted insights that meet specific business cases

Get the full story around keywords and identify root causes

Case study

Identify sources of customer friction and improve retention with Authenticx

A top-five health insurer wanted to better understand how their mail-order pharmacy was performing. Using Smart Sample™ Authenticx was able to identify leading indicators of customer friction and negative experience.

Customer Friction Case Study | Authenticx

Don’t just report data. Share the whole story.

Montage Builder™

Create a story around a particular topic by combining relevant audio clips in your customers’ own voices.

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Smart Predict™

Machine learning autoscores conversational data evaluations to transform how analysts work.

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Eddy Effect™ Dashboard

Identify and attack disruptions in the customer journey by surfacing customer interaction trends in one convenient location.

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Authenticx Solution

Immersive intelligence built specifically for healthcare.

Authenticx listens, analyzes, and activates customer voices to confidently identify dynamics and disruptions impacting the customer journey.

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