Authenticx for Life Sciences

CX in pharma that’s immersive and intelligent.

With conversational intelligence technology Authenticx confidently listens and identifies disruptions impacting customers across the life sciences enterprise.

Enhance Customer Experience with a Patient-Centric Approach

Problems Facing Life Science

  • Regulatory oversight for med devices and drug therapies
  • Over-reliance on self-reported compliance data
  • Disparate data sources that are skewed and unreliable
  • Optimizing a more patient-centric approach
  • Retrospective audits yield delayed reactions

How Authenticx Helps

  • Expand monitoring to reduce error rates
  • Enhance customer experience in pharma
  • Monitor for Adverse Events (AEs) or Product Quality Complaints (PQCs)
  • Report trends over time for agent skills improvement

The stakes are higher in life sciences. Strategically adapt to meet patient needs.

Powerful insights fuel decision-making

Improve reporting and analytics based on accumulated interaction data.

Effectively monitor your whole patient population.

Insightful solutions for life sciences

Proprietary machine learning models classify and auto-score conversations.

Reliably identify adverse events and other compliance events with full context and visibility.

Optimize conversational analysis to identify recurring trends and disruptions impacting the enterprise.

Authenticx evaluates customer interactions to highlight immediate ways life science leaders can improve the customer journey and build a patient-centric experience.

See Authenticx in Action
Authenticx Solution | Speech Analytics Software


Increase monitoring and reduce compliance events

A top-ten life sciences company was looking to mitigate risk and reduce compliance observations. Authenticx streamlined monitoring across the enterprise, reducing compliance observations by 50% and increasing the volume of calls monitored by 45%.

Increase Monitoring and Reduce Compliance Observations with Authenticx

Specialty Pharmacy

Facilitate a more effective patient and provider experience with insights on accessibility, affordability, enrollment, and reimbursement to win business.

  • Quantify and contextualize how patients and providers navigate your process.
  • Measure contact center effectiveness with enhanced visibility and comprehensive insights.
  • Insights on therapy adherence provide valuable context on why patients stop or change treatment plans.

Medical Device

Optimize troubleshooting and product replacements by analyzing conversations to surface recurring trends and improve efficiency.

  • Enhance remote troubleshooting to reduce return & replacement rates.
  • Fully immersive data-backed insights on contact center performance.
  • Valuable context on why patients are facing frustration or confusion on maintaining their med device.
  • Equip your field team with insights to optimize troubleshooting and product replacements to best serve your customers.

“I just feel so much closer to the customers after working through this data and then hearing these presentations… thank you! ”

Market & Customer Insights Leader GLOBAL PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY
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