Patient Adherence Disruptions for Specialty Medicine

A pharma organization realized patient adherence for a specialty medicine was lower than desired. They needed to identify where obstacles and disruptions were occurring that were causing the delay or lack of adherence. We call these disruptions the Eddy Effect™

An “Eddy” is when the customer’s desired or expected experience is disrupted by an obstacle or barrier that causes the customer to feel “stuck” in a problem. 

Authenticx in Action  

Authenticx leveraged Smart Sample™ to perform a deep dive analysis of where the Eddy Effect was occurring, because these noted instances of disruption were likely leading to a delay of treatment. The analysis revealed that disruptions occurred primarily around insurance and efforts to renew or extend financial assistance. 

Identified instances of the Eddy Effect included:  

  • Patients were delayed starting treatment due to stalled prior authorization requests 
  • Patients were being withdrawn from financial assistance, leading to confusion on costs 
  • Providers were confused on the process for enrollment, which was frustrating patients who were unsure of next steps 
  • Patients were  burdened with the effort to urge their providers to take necessary next steps   


This analysis demonstrated clear opportunities for the specialty medicine process to be re-examined to build a more proactive, patient-centric experience that addressed patient adherence disruption.  

  • Financial Assistance Messaging: Current communication around the term ‘withdrawal’ was leading to patient confusion around financial assistance. The team recognized a need to more proactively communicate to patients about to lose their aid.  
  • Education for Agents: The team saw that more brand-specific information needs to be shared with agents, preparing them to talk to patients and providers about clear next steps for financial assistance, prior authorization, and/or initial enrollment. 
  • Support for Providers: The organization realized they needed to find ways to support patients with multiple insurance programs and additional insurance requirements without putting additional pressure on the healthcare providers through multiple hand-offs.  
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