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Authenticx for Marketing

Build a strategic, human-centered brand.

Your customers are desperate to be heard and surveys aren’t cutting it. Create a marketing strategy that accounts for every customer voice, backed by market research and analysis.

Success & Impact Stories

From identifying patient friction and agent performance to strategizing communication and adhering to regulatory compliance, Authenticx AI helps organizations act to improve customer and employee experiences.

Improve Billing Statements & Reduce Calls

A large healthcare system was able to eliminate patient confusion by clarifying their billing statement language and save $250K from the decreased call volume.

Listening to Improve Billing Statements and Reduce Calls | Authenticx Customer Story

Find Unexpected Brand Detractors

A health maintenance organization (HMO) found Medicare member confusion around dental plans, so they redesigned web navigation, implemented agent training, and investigated how to best clarify plans on insurance cards.

Finding Unexpected Brand Detractors with Unsolicited Feedback | Authenticx

Reduce Therapy Adoption Barriers

A life sciences manufacturer uncovered patient friction that led to consent form simplification, updates to the therapy site tool (decreasing confusion by over 60%), and worked to clarify costs with patients and providers.

Reducing Adoption Barriers in Specialty Therapy Launch | Customer Stories | Authenticx

Connect your marketing team to customer data for impactful brand strategy.

Real-time Insights from Day 1

Collect and analyze evolving real-time customer needs without friction for the customer.

Increase retention and brand perception by understanding and predicting customer motivations.

AI Solutions for Marketers

Surface trends and actionable insights from existing customer feedback without more surveys. 

Reporting with categorized insights to direct feedback, sentiment, and brand messaging for teams.

How it Works

Aggregate with Authenticx

1. Aggregate

Unlock ROI by uncovering marketing insights from an existing source of unsolicited customer feedback.

Analyze with Autenticx

2. Analyze

Capture honest customer thoughts and emotions and categorize into emerging trends for strategic decisions.

Activate with Authenticx

3. Activate

Remove barriers and close gaps with your customers through data-backed analysis to increase revenue and retention.

"Listening to the voice of our customers using Authenticx is no longer a 'nice to have' but a 'have to have' "


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