Building a human-centered brand demands listening.

Authenticx surfaces actionable customer feedback from your existing customer interactions so you can make better decisions. All sourced directly from your customers without more surveys.

Key Benefits

Maximize an underutilized resource
Increase ROI by connecting your marketing team with the renewable resource of client interactions.

Measure real-time brand perception
Know what’s driving customers to stay or leave so you can increase revenue and retention.

Drive action with authentic insights
Hear actual audio clips, view testimonials, and understand trends without more surveys. 

Authenticx delivers ROI for healthcare marketers.

Our platform categorizes both quantitative and qualitative insights so marketing leaders can surface opportunities, address customer feedback, and grow revenue.

Increase profitability with less money spent on surveys and research, and grow revenue with data-backed insights that attract and retain customers.

One enterprise healthcare insurer was losing new deals and overloading their call center because of a poor website experience. Within two months, they saw an 80% reduction in calls about website complaints and a 20% increase in the click-to-pay rate. 

How it works


Uncover marketing insights from a new channel of unsolicited customer feedback.

Collect ongoing, real-time data without creating friction for the customer.


Collect feedback about initiatives and campaigns.

Immerse yourself into the customer experience, at scale.


Drive an easier customer experience and remove barriers for revenue generation.

Close the gap between your organization and your customers.

Access actionable customer feedback without survey fatigue.

“This is so much better than a survey.”

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