Patient Centric Marketing

Authenticx for Marketing

Your customers are desperate to be heard.

Build a patient-centric marketing strategy. Surveys aren’t cutting it when it comes to building a strategy that accounts for every single customer voice. Authenticx surfaces actionable customer feedback so marketing teams can make better decisions.

Authenticx Delivers ROI for Healthcare Marketers

Problems Facing Marketers Today

  • Customer feedback is survey-dependent
  • Surveys average 5-30% response rates
  • C-SAT or NPS are not actionable or contextual
  • No access to feedback about marketing content
  • Lack access to perception data (+/-) to feed sales and strategy teams

How Authenticx Helps

  • Maximize conversational data you already have
  • Measure real-time brand perception
  • Leverage feedback that’s raw, honest, and renewable
  • Hear audio clips, view testimonials, and understand trends without more surveys

It’s time to listen. Connect your marketing team to a renewable feedback source.

Real-time Insights from Day 1

Know what’s driving customers to stay or leave so you can increase revenue and retention.

Collect ongoing, real-time data without creating friction for the customer.

Product and Service for Marketers

Categorized insights that direct feedback, sentiment, and brand messaging for teams.

Automated analysis of millions of interactions brings context at scale.

Authenticx Solution | Speech Analytics Software

Customer emotions can’t be solely defined by numbers.

Customer desperation is hard to unhear. Authenticx categorizes quantitative and qualitative insights so marketing leaders can surface opportunities and grow revenue.

See Authenticx in Action


Identifying sources of customer friction

A top-five health insurer wanted to better understand how their mail-order pharmacy was performing. Authenticx was able to identify leading indicators of customer friction and uncovered $792,000 in wasted monthly spend that could be saved by resolving these newly identified disruptions.

Customer Friction Case Study | Authenticx

How it Works

Aggregate with Authenticx

1. Aggregate

Uncover marketing insights from a consolidated channel of unsolicited customer feedback.

Analyze with Autenticx

2. Analyze

Categorize emerging trends and capture honest customer thoughts and emotions.

Activate with Authenticx

3. Activate

Remove barriers for revenue generation and CX disruptions with data-backed insights.

“Listening to the voice of our customers using Authenticx is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘have to have’ ”


Authenticx for Marketing Leaders in:

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Healthcare Payers | Authenticx


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