Authenticx + Conversational Intelligence

What is conversational intelligence?

Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing – conversational intelligence leverages unstructured data sources to answer questions, provide quality service, and enhance customer support.

Key Benefits of Conversational Intelligence


Take in a meaningful and statistically valid sample of customer conversations.

Filter and analyze customer interactions to determine intent, emotions, and meaning.


Summarize trends across a full data set to drive deeper, more intentional analysis.

Predict outcomes with machine learning autoscoring.

What is artificial intelligence and machine learning?  

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the development and deployment of computer systems that can perform human-oriented functions, such as decision-making, predicting outcomes, assessing efficiencies, and automating a specified task.

Machine learning leverages computer algorithms to build models that help assess and analyze data sources. These machine learning tools are becoming increasingly utilized for processing vast amounts of digital data to help identify insights and trends that help pinpoint when, where, and how organizations can be the most effective and impactful. 

How is artificial intelligence used across healthcare?  

AI is already starting to be widely adopted across healthcare. When these tools are utilized to build personalized, adaptable, and data-driven solutions, the untapped potential to impact grows.

Use cases include:  

How is Authenticx unique in leveraging machine learning? 

Machine learning is integrated through Authenticx, making it accessible for even non-technical users. Our machine learning models are specialized for healthcare because they were built using healthcare conversations. This allows our models to have greater accuracy and compliance with sensitive information by listening at scale.

As users interact with conversational data within the platform, their actions provide a feedback loop to Authenticx’s machine learning models, allowing ongoing and real-time improvements to the system.  

Why is conversational intelligence important in healthcare? 

Authenticx focuses on conversational intelligence for enterprise healthcare. “Conversations” can be audio, text, chat, email – anything that is bi-directional and unsolicited. We specialize in structuring this data and giving healthcare leaders the ability to analyze and activate it at scale with quantitative and qualitative insights. 

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We’re changing the game in healthcare with conversational intelligence.

Authenticx automates millions of customer interactions, bringing context at scale.

Authenticx Solution | Speech Analytics Software

How it Works

Aggregate with Authenticx

1. Aggregate

Bring customer conversations into one insights platform to categorize and organize previously unstructured data.

Analyze with Autenticx

2. Analyze

Automate intake and evaluations for streamlined analysis to identify meaningful and statistically valid customer conversations.

Activate with Authenticx

3. Activate

Perform evaluations that capture customer journey insights directly from the voice of the customer to confidently take action.


Artificial intelligence is helping healthcare listen at scale.

We break down 5 common myths with actionable facts to understand how they can improve CX.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Way Healthcare Listens | Authenticx
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