Scale insights with healthcare-focused AI.

Authenticx analyzes customer conversations at scale to uncover real-time insights about customer experience, agent performance, overall compliance, and more.

AI built and trained exclusively for healthcare.

Combine existing customer interactions across channels and organize by your specific needs, interests, sources, and categories. With specialized, reliable AI trained by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals Authenticx AI actives the voices of real people to connect metrics with context.

Surface stories that empower leaders to act with confidence and purpose to streamline excellence with insights that drive enterprise transformation.


Scale conversation-driven insights with comprehensive analysis.

Ensure 100% of your customer conversations are included in your decisions and analysis.

  • Eliminate manual work with reliable, AI completed conversation summarization and transcription
  • Centralize every conversation type: chats, emails, texts, and calls
  • Structure and organize the metadata in customer conversations


Listen to the voices of your customers, at scale.

An intuitive AI-powered solution that brings clarity and context with data-backed storytelling.

  • A fully-immersive blend of quantitative and qualitative insights
  • Organize conversational insights by needs, interests, drivers, sources, and other indicators
  • Evaluate brand, quality, and agent performance with contact center conversations
  • Proprietary machine learning models classify and auto-score evaluations. Learn more about the Eddy Effect


Confidently take action.

Healthcare conversations are different. Uncover points of friction and quantify their impact across your business.

  • Enable business change with data that tells a story
  • Leverage AI-driven software as a tool for efficiency and new way to allocate resources
  • Give capacity back to teams with artificial intelligence tools that optimize teams performance, uphold compliance standards, and improve brand perception

Intelligence tools built specifically for healthcare.

Evaluate conversations at scale with Authenticx modules.


Save time and improve compliance efficiencies.

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Unlock a renewable source of customer insight and trends.

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Improve QA efficiencies and monitor agent performance.

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Key Solution Features

Speech Analyticx™

Drill into transcripts and audio with automated topic identification and rule-based classification

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Smart Sample™

Targeted evaluations pursuing topics and themes that matter most to the organization

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Smart Predict™

Machine learning autoscores conversational evaluations to transform how analysts work

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Montage Builder™

Create a story around a particular topic by combining relevant clips in your customers’ own voices

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