Your most valuable data is currently stored and ignored.

Discover insights buried in your conversations.

Analyze every customer interaction for real time feedback, discover competitive mentions, and view trending insights on your offerings or services.

Discovery with Authenticx | Customer Experience Software

Validate findings with data that drives strategy.

Drive decisions across the organization using structured, customer data to validate areas of investment, changes to offerings, coaching needs, and more.

Validate with Authenticx | Customerm Experience Software

Improve processes, products, and performance.

Eliminate identified friction points, incorporate feedback on your offerings, and improve agent performance through tailored coaching.

Act with Authenticx | Customer Experience Software

Expand with Authenticx AI

Speech Analytics

Drill into transcripts and audio with automated topic identification and rule-based classification

Eddy Effect™

Proprietary AI model that dynamically identifies areas of friction and common roadblocks experienced by customers.

Safety Event

Detect adverse events, product quality complaints, as well as agent acknowledgement of these events.

HIPAA Compliance

Monitor for HIPAA compliance across every conversation and customer touchpoint for easy reporting and escalation.


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s impossible for your team to screen and evaluate every customer interaction alone! Using AI as an extension of your team ensures that 100% of customer interactions can be evaluated for safety events (adverse effects, product quality complaints, etc.) and compliance infractions (HIPAA), so that you can be proactive in reporting and addressing them. Authenticx can help you identify and escalate any potential instances of safety events or non-compliance at scale: across calls, texts, emails, chats, and more.

The Eddy Effect™ is a term by Authenticx to describe the impact of a member or patient getting “stuck” in a problem over the course of their journey, likely due to broken processes, agent performance issues, or product/offering deficiencies.

Our proprietary Eddy Effect™ model identifies these friction points as they are surfaced in conversations and presents clear drivers of the Eddy Effect back to our users so they can strategically prioritize and address the biggest issues facing their members or patients.

Read More about the Eddy Effect™ →

Authenticx believes AI is a tool to extend the power of human listening: not replace it. Using our models alongside your existing QA team will help refine the outputs to reflect your exact needs, while also providing a good check + balance to the use of our AI.

Learn about QA capabilities with Authenticx →

There are a variety of options for getting conversations uploaded into Authenticx: manual SFTP, automated SFTP, productized connectors to your telephony platform, and API upload. Work with our team to identify the simplest, secure way to get conversations into the platform!

We built the foundation of our company and our platform on trust, security, compliance, and transparency. Authenticx has policies and procedures in place to ensure your information is kept safe and that your communications are secure.

Read more about Authenticx information & security policies →

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