Reduce time to insights with Authenticx

GenAI from Authenticx turns hours of analysis, data uploads, and reporting into seconds spent reviewing AI generated conversational insights.

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The Power of Generative AI

Uncover the Unknown

Proactively surface topics directly from conversations, no anticipation of keywords or priorities required.

Eliminate the Noise

Save time decoding your data and receive auto-generated insights that immediately deliver value.

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Prioritize your Time

Allow AI to surface root causes of customer friction and correlate data across reports.

Provide human readable, context rich summaries

Conversation Summaries help quickly understand what was discussed in just a few sentences, eliminating the need to manually take call notes.

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Instantly view and aggregate key topics of conversations.

Our unique GenAI model will proactively identify the emerging topics discussed across conversations, without requiring you know the keywords to look for.

Spotlight Insight Summary | Generative AI from Authenticx

Trust signals to cut through the noise.

Benefit from AI generated summaries of reports that alert you to emerging trends requiring your attention.

Signals and Reporting | Generative AI from Authenticx


Frequently Asked Questions

Generative AI refers to a model where the output is the creation of net new information. One of the most universally understood examples of generative AI is ChatGPT: your input is a question or "prompt", and the output is a block of text that the model generated.

Yes! Authenticx deploys several different models within our platform, nine of which are proprietary. Our models were all trained exclusively on healthcare data. Our generative AI models include Conversation Summary, Conversation Topics, and (coming soon) our Agent Coaching Notes.

Since generative AI models largely produce new information, they can be effectively deployed to summarize conversations, analyze data sets, and create images or visualizations.

Learn more about GenAI →

No, Authenticx offers access to generative AI models as part of our robust, healthcare specific platform. Our platform deploys several different types of AI to ensure the model best suited for any given task is available. In addition to generative AI, we have developed deep learning/neural network models and LLMs (Large Language Models).

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Authenticx was Created to Transform Healthcare

Authenticx helps healthcare organizations analyze and activate customer interaction data at scale.

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