Eddy Effect™ Dashboard

Tackle obstacles that are ruining customer experience.

The Eddy Effect™ Dashboard combats the complexity of healthcare with actionable feedback in a single performance analytics dashboard. Track impactful metrics across the organization to eliminate waste and improve customer outcomes.

Key CX Metrics in one, convenient location.

See how the Eddy Effect™ is impacting your organization in a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Monitor key metrics like call length, sentiment, accuracy, estimated costs, and more.

The Eddy Effect™

Your customers are stuck.

That’s what we call the Eddy Effect™. When your customer’s ideal experience is disrupted with a frustrating loop of obstacles (or Eddies) that causes them to feel “stuck” in a problem.

Key Features

Immersive & Intelligent Data

Evaluate how to best allocate contact center resources and dollars

Experience the power of machine learning alongside expert analysis to better predict CX disruptions

High Impact Customer Feedback Analysis | Authenticx

Actionable Insights Across Healthcare

A source of intelligent insights aggregating all voices of the customer

Access metrics you need to make company-wide improvements from a single, convenient dashboard

Authenticx Solution

Immersive intelligence built specifically for healthcare.

Authenticx listens, analyzes, and activates customer voices to confidently identify dynamics and disruptions impacting the customer journey.

Don’t just report data. Share the whole story.

Montage Builder™

Create a story around a particular topic by combining relevant audio clips in your customers’ own voices.

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Smart Predict™

Machine learning autoscores conversational evaluations to transform how analysts work

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Speech Analyticx™

Summarize themes and trends across all interactions to help establish a ‘big picture’ story on what your data is telling you.

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The Complete Eddy Effect Guide: How to Identify, Measure & Resolve Breakdowns Within Your Customer Journey

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