Montage Builder™

Real voices. Real impact.

Montage Builder™ brings the voice of the customer directly to healthcare leaders. This tool allows audio samples to be edited, clipped, and shared to create empathy at scale.

Montage Builder | Voice of the Customer

Speak to the head and the heart with customer voices.

Help leaders connect and feel the data point they’re looking at. Prompt meaningful change with Montage Builder™

Please note these clips are based on true events ​but not actual patient voices.
This is an actor portrayal.

Key Features

Immersive & Intelligent Data

Compelling stories help users feel more context around a data point

Illustrate topics of note with clear examples to drive insights

High Impact Customer Feedback Analysis | Authenticx

Actionable Insights Across Healthcare

Allow stakeholders to connect with the voice of the caller with tangible demonstrations

Efficiently convey a lot of information using the power of voice

Case study

Uncover the raw, unsolicited truth of what your patients are experiencing

A life sciences enterprise wanted a deeper understanding of what was happening in their patient insights call centers to better understand what their patients were experiencing.

the truth of the patient experience

Don’t just report data. Share the whole story.

Smart Sample™

Targeted evaluations pursuing topics and themes that matter most to the organization.

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Speech Analyticx™

Summarize themes and trends across all interactions to help establish a ‘big picture’ story on what your data is telling you.

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Eddy Effect™ Dashboard

Identify and attack disruptions in the customer journey by surfacing customer interaction trends in one convenient location.

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Authenticx Solution

Immersive intelligence built specifically for healthcare.

Authenticx listens, analyzes, and activates customer voices to confidently identify dynamics and disruptions impacting the customer journey.

Authenticx Solution | Speech Analytics Software
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