Authenticx for Customer Experience

Discover and listen to the stories of your customers, with the help of AI

Gain critical context about your customer journey with targeted call evaluations and data-backed storytelling. All in one platform.

Success & Impact Stories

From identifying patient friction and agent performance to strategizing communication and adhering to regulatory compliance, Authenticx AI helps organizations act to improve customer and employee experiences. 

Uncover Actionable Insights & Training

A regional hospital analyzed patient conversations to discover recurring themes in their nursing triage line and scheduling to provide a better patient experience and improved employee training.

Uncover Actionable Nursing Triage Line Insights and Training Opportunities | Authenticx

Improve End-to-End Portal Experience

A specialty insurance company uncovered cancellation confusion in their member portal and updated the portal with a policy-cancellation mechanism that saved time and money through agent efficiency.

Improving End-to-End Member Portal Experience​ | Customer Stories | Authenticx

Insights from Chat Conversations

Using Authenticx AI chat analysis, a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) identified 4 key areas of patient friction to enhance corporate messaging and equip employees.

Insights from Chat Conversations | Customer Story | Authenticx

Understand ‘why’ directly from the voice of your customers. 

Real-time Insights from Day 1

Increase ROI through your CX with a renewable resource of customer interactions.

Avoid customer friction and survey fatigue by gathering customer needs, interests, and drivers in real-time.

AI Solutions for CX Leaders

Uncover feedback for proactive decision-making to deliver customer outcomes.

Explore topics and themes CX teams need for immersive insights with targeted evaluations to bring meaning to data.

How it Works

Aggregate with Authenticx

1. Aggregate

Collect ongoing, real-time insights from all customer interactions in one centralized platform.

Analyze with Autenticx

2. Analyze

Understand by listening to the stories your customers are sharing to surface needs, barriers, and insights.

Activate Customer Experience | Authenticx

3. Activate

Cut to the heart of customer needs to improve brand perception, quality, and performance.

"We were able to develop a scalable corporate listening program in which all leaders can truly listen to the voice of our customers on a regular basis. "


Authenticx for CX Leaders in:

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