Uncover Actionable Nursing Triage Line Insights and Training Opportunities

A regional hospital needed to know how schedulers and nurses were responding to patient calls on a nursing triage line. Specifically, they were looking to assess scheduling needs and insights for better training opportunities.

Authenticx in Action 

The company started using Authenticx to monitor patient interactions and focusing on three questions:

  • How many nurse and schedulers did they need on the line when they moved to a centralized model?
  • How could they better train schedulers so fewer nurses would be needed to answer calls?
  • What Covid-related situations were schedulers and nurses facing and how could they be trained to better handle the real-time issues they were encourtering? 


The hospital used Authenticx to analyze the patient conversations taking place and within two weeks uncovered thematic insights around:

  • Who was calling the nursing triage line
  • The top drivers of calls to the nursing triage line
  • How schedulers were responding to appointment, inquiries, refill, and referral requests
  • What triggered schedulers to send a call to a nurse
  • What kinds of calls nurses were spending their time on
  • The types of appointments being scheduled for patients
  • Caller sentiment and sources of caller frustration
  • Where resources were being wasted
  • Specific training opportunities for scheduler and nurses

Covid-19 Insights
At the time, Covid-19 caused the hospital to reschedule outpatient elective surgeries. During this time, they used Authenticx to better understand how schedulers and nurses
were navigating the ever-changing situation. This enabled them to provide real-time training on how to better respond to patients and maintain a strong patient experience amidst the chaos. Within a week, the hospital was able to see:

  • If patients’ outpatient elective services were being rescheduled in one call
  • How far out procedures were being rescheduled
  • How often are nurses referring patients to urgent care or ER vs scheduling an appointment with the physician
  • How frequently patients are calling for lab results
  • If nurses were encouraging usage of the online portal
  • Training opportunities around empathy and handling these tough conversations

Authenticx in Action | On-Demand Video

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