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Authenticx analyzes customer conversations to surface recurring trends.

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Sentiment Analysis Software

Sentiment analysis software can judge the overall sentiment of a brand or a customer experience. This process of judgment and analysis is performed by analyzing call data, email exchanges, as well as text chats with support.

There are many benefits of using AI and sentiment analysis to analyze and activate customer interaction data at scale. Authenticx can help healthcare companies analyze customer interaction data with AI. Authenticx allows users to aggregate and organize audio data, as well as visual data.

This sentiment analysis of customers helps companies better understand customer concerns. This can also lead to the ability for executives to make more impactful changes to improve customer satisfaction.

In addition, sentiment analysis software enables companies to improve profitability by reducing the amount of preventable inbound calls to a call center. Authenticx can help with this by providing insights into why customers are calling, so companies can identify and resolve the problems causing their customers to call for support.

Authenticx is one sentiment analysis tool that can analyze phone calls when a customer calls customer support. When Authenticx is used with existing telephony platforms, it can help you know how each call center is performing.

Moreover, these analyses are not limited to phone calls. Text, emails, and more can be analyzed for customer sentiment and insights. All of these means of communication can provide insight into the customer service experience and ensure that customers are receiving the guidance they seek. Authenticx can aggregate and organize audio and visual data. With these insights collected, they can help executives understand customer concerns and make impactful changes.

Using AI to analyze and activate customer interaction data at scale may be a great tool for your company. The insights you can get from healthcare call center conversations using Authenticx may be valuable to healthcare companies. It can help you figure out why people are reaching out and may be able to help reduce unnecessary calls.

By allowing you to tap into customer interaction data, Authenticx can provide your healthcare company with plenty of benefits around improving customer satisfaction through better understanding customers’ sentiments.

As a sentiment analysis software that can provide you with customer interaction insights with emotional weight, Authenticx may be able to help your call center find out what your customers are finding important.

Best Sentiment Analysis Software

In the healthcare industry, customer satisfaction often plays an important role in ensuring that patients receive the care and support they seek. The best sentiment analysis software could help your call center make more meaningful and impactful changes based on the analysis provided. Sentiment analytics software such as Authenticx may be able to provide your call center with the best sentiment analysis tools you need to implement meaningful steps to serve your customers.

Authenticx analyzes and activates your customers’ voices. This can help reveal transformational opportunities in healthcare. Beyond this, Authenticx can help you accelerate what is already in motion. That means that you have the right inputs from existing customer interactions already. However, you might not have an efficient or accurate way of gathering them.

Authenticx can help you gather and combine your customer interaction inputs. This way, you can leverage data that you already have (both qualitative and quantitative). Authenticx can also help you collect ongoing, real-time insights from customers without causing friction.

Sentiment Analysis Online

Understanding the online sentiment analysis definition can potentially help you better serve your customers. More specifically, the sentiment analysis applications of Authenticx can help you act on a deeper understanding of customers. This way, you may be able to more confidently take action with insights that can close the distance between the company and customers.

If you are looking for sentiment analysis online, there are many possible benefits that can come with using such a software.

Authenticx has the great ability to provide executives with customer information in a convenient way by aggregating customer info. These insights empower executives to better connect with customers. Sentiment analysis software such as Authenticx, can also help companies reduce waste and preventable calls by shining a spotlight on the problems causing the most customer frustration.

Sentiment analysis uses data from audio conversations to hear the voice of every customer and surface critical insights. These insights can help your company better uncover the context around who is calling, as well as why they are calling customer support.

Authenticx also empowers you to analyze overall trends across many different interactions rather than just the individual interactions. For example, Authenticx can help you discover whether certain events and trends are affecting calls and customer sentiment.

Sentiment Analysis Project

Using sentiment analysis software to analyze customer interaction data can be more effective than using consumer sentiment surveys.

Survey questions can be problematic or inconvenient in several kinds of ways. Surveys are inherently biased and don’t represent your full customer population. On the other hand, customer interaction data and sentiment analysis provides a more complete picture of consumer sentiment.

Customer interaction data pulls directly from the conversations customers have with contact centers, so it is not filtered through the questions of a consumer sentiment survey.

Sentiment analysis AI also learns and grows with new information and trends over time. For example, if there is a trend for why there is an influx of many customers calling, sentiment analysis projects may be able to point out both the reason as well as the number of calls on that subject.

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Gain a deeper level understanding of contact center conversations with AI solutions.

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Pull customer interaction data across vendors, products, and services into a single source of truth.


Collect quantitative and qualitative information to understand patterns and uncover opportunities.


Confidently take action with insights that close the gap between your organization and your customers.

Types Of Sentiment Analysis

Customer interaction data can be collected through different channels. Phone calls to call centers of healthcare companies aren’t the only way to collect customer interaction data.

On top of voice based sentiment analysis, there are several other types of sentiment analysis. Some popular examples include email exchanges and text chats. Data from these forms of communication can be collected from contact centers.

A text sentiment analysis and voice call sentiment analysis can both be done using Authenticx. Authenticx’s dashboard can also label the interaction based on whether it is a phone call or a message, as a sentiment analysis example.

One key benefit to how Authenticx can help a company is that it allows for the collection of interaction data without creating extra friction. It is unlike surveys and questionnaires because it does analysis of customer sentiment without directly asking them to participate in a survey.

Sentiment Analysis Model

Sentiment analysis software can collect customer interaction data in real-time. It might be able to help executives identify brand detractors, as well as reinforce key brand values. Because Authenticx collects this interaction data in real-time, it can be faster than other methods of collecting customer insights. Moreover, the real-time collection of data allows you to build upon your existing insights and reinforce existing data while still gaining new insights.

Text mining sentiment analysis allows call centers to evaluate communications from customers more efficiently. As the term implies, sentiment mining entails analyzing a piece of customer feedback for its general sentiment toward the service provided. Authenticx’s sentiment analysis model helps you leverage the inputs you already have, such as customer calls, for sentiment mining.

Perhaps most important, Authenticx allows call centers to collect data from all call center interactions. Companies can then take data from multiple locations and identify compelling trends and data points.

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