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Authenticx analyzes customer conversations to surface recurring trends.

Patient Feedback Software

What is patient feedback? While it may seem like a simple concept, the definition of feedback may be more nuanced than it first appears. Feedback from patients, especially in the healthcare industry, is crucial to the continued success and improvement of services. Considering that this kind of feedback is invaluable when it comes to better understanding patient needs, being able to capture this information as accurately and as quickly as possible is critical.

Administering surveys to capture patient voices may come to mind as a realistic, common method. This is a serious misconception; surveys at best can provide skewed results based on a narrow, limited data set. 

Speech analytics platforms present another potential tool to analyze patient behavior with responses that could lead to actionable insights. However, that’s not always the case. Data collected from such platforms typically lack the context and nuance needed to take appropriate action. Unlike with surveys or speech analytics alone, Authenticx presents a solution designed to analyze patient interaction data more effectively.

Authenticx is a software company that parses through data collected from your call centers. As a patient feedback software, Authenticx allows for callers’ voices to be activated and analyzed for a more accurate look into what the patient service experience entails. This provides a more accurate, reliable method for collecting feedback in comparison to other surveying methods.

Authenticx evaluates patient interaction data at scale in an effort to reveal transformational opportunities in healthcare. While we are not a call center outsourcer or telephony system provider, we equip call centers with the tools they need to connect executives directly with their patients.

Patient Feedback App

A precise, trustworthy patient feedback app is another channel of communication that improves the patient experience with meaningful service at healthcare call centers. If providers have access to patient experience feedback via the app, they could use those insights to aid in their decision-making process. Insights into this data could uncover common trends volunteered by your patients that could illustrate what effective patient care may entail.

Positive feedback from patients, examples of pleasurable patient experiences, and comments or concerns are all extremely useful to the development of a more thoughtfully operated healthcare system. Authenticx assists in this process by aggregating this input and combining it in ways that make sense. This means leveraging preexisting qualitative and quantitative data, integrating data across teams, and collecting ongoing, real-time insights without inconveniencing the patient.

Once the data has been collected, our software can then analyze and organize that data in a manner that is reflective of your top priorities. For example, this information could be organized according to needs, interests, sources, and other contextual indicators. We could also help you cluster quantitative and qualitative data around selected initiatives in order to increase possibility for success. This data would be accessible from a single dashboard.

Patient Survey Software

Authenticx is distinct from other patient survey software options in that we focus on gathering unsolicited feedback from patients. 

Unlike a paper or offline feedback form that asks patients to provide their own input regarding their experience, Authenticx does not require that. In fact, our software does not require any data from patients directly. Authenticx aggregates unsolicited feedback from existing patient conversations (calls, texts, chats, emails) that alternative offline survey tools may not pick up in context.

Authenticx works with real, unfiltered, and natural data from conversations. Our software aggregates and analyzes your patient feedback in ways that allow for guided, data-based reflection and planning. Authenticx provides an opportunity not only to act on data, but to act on a deeper level of patient understanding with confidence. Our goal is to connect your organization to your patients.

Hospital Discharge Software

A reliable case management discharge planning tool ensures that a patient truly is safe to discharge to avoid keeping patients in the hospital longer than necessary thus disrupting the flow of patients moving in and out of the facility.

The more accurate and successful patient discharge instructions software is, the more likely it is to speed up the process and make it more efficient, therefore improving the patient’s experience.

While Authenticx is not software that handles hospital discharges, it is a form of software that can help collect the data necessary to improve the patient discharge process overall by revealing common trends associated with the process. 

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Confidently take action with insights that close the gap between your organization and your customers.

Feedback System in Hospitals

The typical feedback system in hospitals is mainly based on surveys, as many of us know from personal experience. With basic survey-style feedback, patients usually aren’t as detailed or informative as they could be. Maybe the wrong types of questions are being asked. Perhaps, unrelated questions muddy the waters and conceal more helpful answers.

It’s worth noting that this is not the most effective solution when it comes to receiving feedback that will propel the growth of an organization. Some patients dislike completing surveys or don’t feel like putting the effort in to make their responses as descriptive as possible. The existing system of patient feedback for hospital operations would likely benefit from some reimagining and change.

Authenticx offers a solution that can cut out all of the uncertainties and ambiguity. Instead of having patients repeat the verbal hospital conversation or feedback they already had on paper, the feedback could be observed and interpreted directly from the source. Authenticx software is designed to limit the need for multiple feedback methods by analyzing data collected from patient calls to find common topics or concerns among them.

Patient Rounding Tool

Like a patient rounding tool, patient interaction data can give insights on how patients’ quality of care could be improved. When nurses and doctors come into a room with a patient rounding sheet for a regular check-in on a patient under their care, they do so to ensure that their needs are being taken care of. This, too, is done with the purpose of improving quality of care.

The call analysis software offered by Authenticx serves as a type of purposeful rounding tool, but for patients over the phone rather than patients in hospitals and other care facilities. Similar to purposeful hourly rounding, the software collects and interprets patient feedback regularly in order to improve their quality of care. The software gathers and organizes patient interaction data to reveal common complaints, compliments, and other trends.

The information our software collects reveals what areas of patient care are being fulfilled and which areas could be improved. Once a problem has been identified, it’s much easier to determine what the appropriate actions, steps, or changes need to happen.

Using Patient Feedback for Quality Improvement

Using patient feedback for quality improvement has been an enduring process in the world of patient care, but the most common methods may not be as effective as they could be in determining what matters most to patients. If the main goal is to give patients the best experience possible, feedback is an essential part of the strategy for doing so. 

Authenticx provides a set of tools that aid in the process of evaluating quality of care and experience in healthcare. Our software extracts conversational data straight from the source, aggregates it, analyzes it, and activates a deeper level of understanding of a patient and their needs. Authenticx provides the assurance needed to confidently take action with insights that close the gap between the patient and your organization. 

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