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Patient Experience Feedback

When patients seek out the guidance of a healthcare organization, they may take note of the quality of the service they receive. As a healthcare company, you likely want to hear feedback from your patients, whether they have been employing your services for a while or are relatively new. When people have good experiences with a healthcare company they are more likely to return in the future.

Healthcare organizations provide the essential care that we need when we are ill or in pain, but there are definitely some areas where any given healthcare company can improve — as with all types of organizations. What your particular healthcare company can improve on is going to be dependent on your customers. Patient feedback in healthcare is the key to determining how to best make changes to help your patients get the help they need. Using patient experience feedback as a data source for bettering your healthcare company can be an extremely helpful strategy to ensure that the changes you are making to your company are going to make your customers’ experience better, not worse.

Incorporating the feedback from patient experience and health outcomes can also help your patients feel more cared for, which can lead to higher customer retention. When people feel like they are listened to, and that you are working to make things better for them, they are much more likely to want to continue working with you. Customer retention is important for any company, from healthcare to restaurants, and so making the effort to incorporate feedback from your customers to help improve their experience is an extremely useful tool.

Patient Experience Definition 

What is patient experience in healthcare and how can you collect patient feedback? An introduction of patient satisfaction can include not only the experience of the health service itself with nurses and doctors, but also any calls between the patient and a call center, registration teams that have contacted the patient, and any recovery check-in messages or appointments as well. Utilizing patient experience helps ensure that your patients are heard and receive the care they deserve.

Your healthcare company likely already has much of the valuable feedback that you need to understand how your customers feel about the services you offer. The data from customer interactions stored in your company’s customer service centers is an amazing data source that you can utilize to really understand what your customers are asking for. In order to efficiently sift through the massive amounts of data that your customer service centers have stored — and continually collect new feedback from customers in real-time — customer interaction AI software (like Authenticx) becomes a very helpful tool. Using a tool like Authenticx AI software can help your company to find valuable customer feedback from calls, emails, messages, and any other support channel to help you organize the feedback and establish priorities for helping your customers.

Patient Experience Research 

Sifting through a large number of customer interaction calls, emails, and messages can take a lot of time to do manually. This is where conversational AI software like Authenticx can become extremely useful. AI software quickly sifts through this data and organizes it into categories for you to view. The Authenticx AI software can quickly analyze all of the stored data in your company’s customer service center so that you can focus on implementing changes that can benefit your customers.

When looking for how to improve patient experience in healthcare, AI software, like Authenticx can help to easily categorize and organize the data from your call centers into a customizable dashboard. From this dashboard, you can view both audio and visual insights directly from your customers and reflect on the top priorities for your organization. With the organized categories and visible trends, you can better find examples of patient experience goals that your company can work towards. Analyzing data directly from your customers can not only help you to better understand your customers’ needs, but it can also help you to make changes that will best suit those customers’ needs.

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Patient Feedback for Hospital

A patient’s experience with your healthcare company does not end as soon as they are discharged from the hospital or as soon as they leave the clinic. The feedback in calls, emails, and message conversations are just as important for understanding your healthcare system’s customer experiences as the specific patient feedback for doctors and nurses. 

Eddy Effect disruptions (or patients feeling ‘stuck’) often occur after patient experience in hospitals or other clinics have incomplete customer support systems. This means that even if a patient may have had a wonderful experience with the healthcare professional in a clinic or hospital, they could still have an unpleasant experience overall if they run into annoying disruptions later on. These disruptions caused by incomplete customer support systems can negatively impact your patients’ experiences and cause problems for your customers’ overall satisfaction with your healthcare company.

Patient Experience in Healthcare

It can be difficult to fully understand a patient’s specific experience from just a data table, without hearing the context of the patient interaction. This is where conversational AI software can really come into use. With AI software that is specifically designed to understand context and analyze conversations, your company can work to better understand your patients’ needs and concerns by pulling audio clips from actual patients. These audio clips can be used as an effective measure of patient experience and can offer examples of positive patient experiences as well as negative ones for you to improve.

The software can discover common experiences, highlight them, and save them to be later evaluated by your company. Not only can conversational analysis software help your company determine areas of improvement to best benefit your customers, but it can also help to highlight the positive feedback from patients examples so that you can continue offering the help that is working for your patients. Using direct examples from your patients’ experiences can help your company see trends across your customer base and discover what changes will best benefit your customers so that you can help them get the care that they need.

Why is PX Important?

The importance of patient experience in healthcare is because healthcare organizations are meant to provide professional services and help to the general population, so placing value on good customer experience is a necessity. Healthcare is an extremely technical field that takes a lot of expertise to fully understand. The majority of the general public has not put in this time and effort to gain the expertise needed to fully understand how medical procedures and healthcare protocols work. Therefore, practicing good customer support is an essential part of working as an effective healthcare organization.

When discovering areas in which your healthcare company can improve, you can clearly see the importance of patient feedback. If a group of patients is all getting stuck on the same issue over and over again, that issue is likely something that your company will want to address. For example, if a group of patients is all experiencing a similar issue of not being able to get the prescription medication they need due to a communication error between the healthcare facility and the pharmacy, then the healthcare company would want to figure out what is going wrong with the communication and work to fix it.

Patient Experience Survey

Any feedback from patients is valuable for determining areas your healthcare company is doing well and which areas could benefit from some improvement. Simply collecting responses via patient experience survey may not be the best way to fully understand what your patients are needing help with. Because the model for a patient satisfaction survey in healthcare is quite structured, survey responses are often limited and do not fully represent customers’ concerns or truly unfiltered patient experience feedback.

Patients will voice their problems voluntarily when interacting with customer support representatives but are much less likely to find a way to reflect those problems in the structured surveys that get sent to them. This means that in order to more effectively understand the concerns and problems that your customers are experiencing, it is much more valuable to pull insights from existing customer interaction data that is stored in your company’s customer service database. 

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