3 Reasons Healthcare Leaders Need to Prioritize AI and Data Analytics in 2022

Wide digital adoption continues to transform healthcare for patients, payers, and providers. With COVID-19 only accelerating the rate of adoption, there’s been a lot of upheaval and unending change happening across healthcare the last several years. The long-tail global impact of COVID-19 has served to reinforce a need for resilient healthcare operations and thinking forward to future-proof patient care needs. Scaling artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics has become a top priority for healthcare leaders as part of an expanding digital strategy.

Over the next five years, 47% of healthcare leaders cited digital as a top organizational priority and 80% plan to increase their digital investments over the same time frame according to the HIMSS 2021 Future of Healthcare Report. Investment in strategic data tools is widely seen as a next step to building patient-centric experiences that help leaders and teams understand and connect with their patients.

A core challenge facing executive leadership as we look forward to 2022 is prioritization of digital tools and asking the following questions:

  • What information do we need to know?
  • How can we best support our patients and customers?
  • What does investment look like?

There’s more data channels, more interconnectivity, and more information available for key decision-making (and that’s only continuing to grow). Conversational intelligence tools provide a powerful way to listen, adapt, and consider future work and infrastructure needs to improve the patient experience.

We breakdown 3 reasons AI and data analytics can help future-proof your organization in 2022 and bring customer voices directly into your decision-making process.

Artificial intelligence brings actionable insights to big data

Machine learning tools (such as natural language processing and text mining) can help healthcare leaders uncover and identify valuable insights from data that’s already being stored. These tools bring categorization and order to large amounts of data that has previously been difficult to search, analyze, and share. This is pivotal, because these data insights offer direct access to patient voices, placing focus on improving the customer experience. Solicited feedback is often incomplete which leaves certain voices and demographics left out of key decisions made at the executive level. Investment in AI tools (like conversational intelligence) can bring data-backed stories that assist with tracking, accuracy, and monitoring to make big picture insights actionable.

Personalization in healthcare can help identify missing voices

Unstructured health data helps leaders build health equity. Healthcare data contains unsolicited, raw feedback that is shared by all patient voices. Particularly, the pandemic put a spotlight on racial and socioeconomic health disparities that exist across the United States. For healthcare, understanding the patients you serve and the community where you are located can help identify and respond to localized social determinants of health. Conversational intelligence can help surface these personal stories and ensure customer voices are being heard. Additionally, consumer behavior is shifting towards the expectation of a more personalized experience.

Real-time understanding from unstructured data

Data is new, powerful currency. Prioritizing ways to better access it in real-time presents opportunities to unlock enormous value from your healthcare data. Tools that bring structure to healthcare data provide critical information across all levels of the organization. From patient insight to operational barriers to provider access to quality assurance, the quicker insights can be gleamed, the quicker your organization can pivot to better processes, training, and customer experience.

Your data is already speaking to you. Now it’s time to use it. To plan for 2022, healthcare leaders need to be looking forward to assess what digital tools bring the greatest value. Data analytics will continue to have a high impact across healthcare. Now is the time to prioritize.

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