5 Most Popular Healthcare Resources in 2021

It’s hard to believe 2021 is winding down to a close. After an unprecedented and tumultuous two years, in large part due to the ongoing resilience of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry has seen substantial upheaval in rethinking what it means to provide effective, efficient, and high quality patient care. How customers and health organizations talk to each is evolving. This is being seen as organizations invest in artificial intelligence and conversational intelligence, renew focus on listening directly to the voice of the customers, and identify areas to improve agent training.

As 2022 rapidly approaches, we take a moment to look back on our popular healthcare resources and topics that resonated most with viewers. Our most popular content reiterated how healthcare organizations are re-thinking what it means to have a ‘patient-centric’ approach. There’s increased interest in really listening to customers and improving speech analytics and digital strategy. Additionally, we’re seeing resonance on the Eddy Effect, Authneticx’s metric for observing disruptions in the customer journey.

Check out Authenticx’s most popular healthcare resources that resonated with readers this year:

1. The Authenticx Story

Hear directly from our CEO, Amy Brown, on the story and vision of Authenticx. She shares how we started and where we’re going. Authenticx creates powerful and immersive customer insight analysis that inform business decisions. Read the article.

The Authenticx Story | Why I Founded Authneticx
The Complete Eddy Effect Guide

2. The Complete Eddy Effect Guide

The Eddy Effect Guide is an e-book resource that shares how to identify, measure, and resolve breakdowns in the customer journey. Takeaways include actionable steps to avoid and prevent these disruptions. Download the guide.

3. Traditional Speech Analytics Don’t Go Deep Enough

By listening to your customers, organizations are able to identify process gaps, target leading indicators of customer attrition, reduce inefficiencies, improve customer satisfaction scores, and so much more. Read the article.

speech analytics
Customer Friction Case Study | Authenticx

4. Identify Sources of Customer Friction

A top-five health insurer wanted to better understand how their mail-order pharmacy was performing. More specifically, they wanted to know what actions they could take to drive customer retention. View the case study.

5. Monitor Customer Calls and Improve Call Center Quality

An insurance services organization wanted a way to track and increase their overall member services call quality score and monitor customer calls. Since starting with Authenticx, their quality score has increased 32% View the case study.

customer call quality case study

Want to read more? Check out our resources page for access to all Authenticx resources.

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