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Voice of the Customer Survey

Incorporating feedback from customers is a valuable step an organization can take to better ensure that customers are satisfied. That said, collecting these insights can prove to be challenging, especially if they are only receiving information from written surveys. When trying to zero in on important details concerning customer experience, it is often best to hear it directly from the customers themselves. Voice of the customer survey questions can be helpful in getting a basic understanding of how customers are interacting with your organization and if they are gaining value from what your business offers. However, rather than gathering data solely from surveying methods that require customers to submit answers to pre-determined questions, you could utilize the collection of customer interaction data that is already being collected and stored in your call center database.

Healthcare organization customer service centers receive customer calls, chat messages, and other communications from customers every day that are rich in business and customer relations insights. Reviewing these customer interactions could be an effective way of understanding customer comments and concerns. Because these messages do not often prescribe to pre-determined questions that are often found on a survey, you are more likely to find more accurate feedback from your patients. Additionally, because these messages are from the customers directly, you can get a more accurate representation of a customer’s general experience.

Using software specifically designed to analyze these customer conversations – for example, Authenticx’s AI conversational analysis software – can help your company find rich insights from the data stored in your call center. By implementing software to analyze customer interactions, your healthcare company may be able to better understand patients’ thoughts and concerns about their care. Analyzing the conversations stored in your call center can help to bring customer insights that might not be made by simply recording answers to survey questions.

Voice Of The Customer Survey Examples

Voice of the customer is a term that is used to describe customer feedback about their experience with a provider’s services or products. This term is another way of describing customer experience. There are many voice of the customer examples that organizations use to gauge customer experience with their services. Voice of the customer examples in healthcare that often get measured are the net promoter score (NPS) and the customer satisfaction score (CSAT). Both NPS and CSAT are measures taken from voice of customer surveys. NPS measures customer experience by assessing a customer’s response to a single-question survey. CSAT, on the other hand, measures customer experience by assessing what percentage of customer survey responses are positive.

While these voice-of-customer examples can be useful in getting some representation of your customers’ feedback, exclusively practicing these metrics may not be the best way to truly get a good representation of your customers’ experience with your organization. The customers that respond to surveys are not always a representative sample of your customer group as a whole. Often, those who respond to surveys are those who are very happy, very angry, or feel obligated to respond. Additionally, customer voices can be left unreflected in these surveys due to survey fatigue or survey abandonment. Finally, because surveys employ a specific set of questions, customers can be limited to answering the questions provided and this can leave out important feedback.

Voice Of The Customer Best Practices

There are many ways to help your organization better understand the voice of your customers and in turn what they may be seeking from the services you provide. When searching for voice of customer solutions, your company could benefit from zeroing in on the data you have at your disposal and determining what can be done to improve customer experience. With conversational analysis AI software like Authenticx, you can utilize the customer interaction conversations you have stored in your call center to help find all of the rich insights and voice of customer feedback. Understanding the voice of the customer begins with listening to your customers. Employing software like Authenticx can help you to sift through and highlight the customer insights buried in your call center’s database, so you can see the valuable customer feedback that you might receive daily from your customers.

Understanding voice of the customer best practices can include simple steps such as collecting data from real customer conversations, listening to the voices of your customers, aggregating and analyzing customer insights, and taking action on those insights. When collecting data, it can be difficult to ensure you are finding a representative sample of your customers. To help with this, it might be beneficial to perform these steps multiple times with different diverse sample groups, including different time ranges, and sample sizes.

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VOC Survey Questions

Utilizing voice of the customer interview questions as a general check-in with your customers does not provide a very reliable representation of your customer base because these questions do not apply to everyone. This being said, drafting a new more in-depth set of voice of customer survey questions might not be any more beneficial than the survey you currently have. Focusing instead on the data you have from customer interaction conversations will give you all the information you need to help improve your customer experience.

Compared relying on voice of customer survey questions, utilizing Authenticx’s AI software to help analyze the conversations between your customers and customer service representatives can help provide more accurate customer feedback. Conversational analysis software like Authenticx can help your healthcare company to highlight insightful customer experiences and display them for you so that you can better work to address them. By utilizing AI software, you can sift through a large number of customer conversations quickly and efficiently, and therefore be free to spend more time discovering how to better implement practices that can help your customers.

Where customer interviews simply focus on responses to predetermined questions, collecting data from your call centers can help to give you a more accurate representation of what your customers are focusing on. This can help your company to better understand how to implement changes to help your customers achieve a helpful and pleasant experience at your healthcare organization. Focusing your data collection on the customer interaction conversations stored in your call center can be a great way to understand the true concerns and experiences of your customers.

Customer Market Research

When beginning to conduct voice of the customer research for your organization, the first step is to collect the data. Authenticx uses AI technology to analyze customer conversations from your call centers and collect them all in one location. Combining all of the data collected from phone calls, chats, and emails between customers and your contact centers into one location allows you to more easily see what your customers are experiencing. Authenticx can help organize this unstructured data and turn it into insights that your company can use to determine your customer experience and marketing priorities.

Using this technology, your company can develop a more strategic voice of the customer strategy to improve overall customer experience and brand perception. By using insights directly from your customers, you can ensure the changes you make will directly benefit them. Rather than taking inspiration solely from survey questions and your customer responses to automated phone calls, receiving the majority of your feedback from the interactions your customers are having with your customer service department can provide the context and conditions surrounding your customers’ concerns. This can not only help provide additional information to you, but it can also help your company understand the broader view of the situations surrounding your customers so that you can better serve them.

Implementing this voice of the customer methodology to collect insights directly from existing customer interactions can help to give you a true representation of your customers’ experiences with your organization. This can help inform what changes should be made to best help your customers and improve their overall experience with your organization. Once Authenticx’s AI software collects and categorizes data and insights from your customer interaction conversations, you can focus on implementing the changes that will best improve your customers’ experiences. This could benefit your company as you devise an ideal voice of the  customer strategy.

Voice Of Customer Tools

Utilizing the customer interactions stored in your company’s call center can be useful in helping your company to better understand your customers’ desires and how you can better serve your customers as a whole. Healthcare call centers receive so many calls each day, going through each call individually for insights would be an extremely time-consuming process. This is where voice of the customer tools such as conversational analytics software become useful. Voice of customer software, like Authenticx’s conversational analysis AI software, can analyze a large number of customer conversations and surface key themes and trends for you to utilize.

Implementing voice of customer tools like AI software can not only help your company receive the benefits of hearing and seeing insights directly from your customers, but it can also help to quickly gather data and aggregate trends. This allows you to spend more time focusing on how to improve your healthcare organization based on the customer insights and trends highlighted by the software.

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