Authenticx for Healthcare Payers

Each year your contact center is inundated with member questions.

Improve healthcare member experience by listening and engaging with the stories your members are already sharing. Authenticx analyzes millions of conversations to surface and categorize trends.

Strategic Monitoring to Deploy Resources Efficiently

Problems Facing Insurance & Payers

  • Lack of access to entire member population
  • Call center performance oversight
  • Increasing call volume
  • Inconsistent reporting metrics
  • Dated methods for gathering and evaluating conversational data

How Authenticx Helps

  • Enhance metrics to account for the human side of healthcare
  • Identify drivers of member attrition or retention
  • Consolidate reporting to better track trends over time
  • Identify member experience disruptions and bottlenecks

Members get frustrated navigating complex healthcare systems.

Powerful insights fuel decision-making

Proprietary machine learning models classify and auto-score conversations.

Strategic sampling identifies where disruptions are occurring to effectively redirect resources.

Solutions for insurance and payers

Monitor program launches and quality score metrics to predict member retention.

Diagnose pain points to improve healthcare member experience.

Build a member-centric experience that measures trends over time.

Authenticx surfaces disruptions by evaluating conversations with artificial intelligence and human analysis.

See Authenticx in Action
Authenticx Solution | Speech Analytics Software


Monitor member calls to improve contact center quality

An insurance services organization sought to increase their member services call quality score. Authenticx monitored calls and shared monthly insights, resulting in a 32% quality score increase.

Monitor Quality Case Study

Medicare Providers

Engage and support customers by activating your data to drive strategic decision-making. Prevent member churn with reliable, accurate insights

  • A single, centralized listening hub to better identify and address problems facing customers.
  • Healthcare-specific generative AI functionality and machine learning models support Medicare clients.
  • Managed professional services provide a consultative approach to convert insights and recommendations to action and outcomes.

“It was incredibly impactful to see our customer interaction data presented in Authenticx, and actually hear our customers’ voices. ”


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