Authenticx for Compliance

Reduce risk and improve outcomes.

Use conversation data with proprietary machine learning and AI to detect adverse events, product quality complaints, and special product conditions to efficiently reveal root causes of these events and mitigate risk.

Detect compliance events.

Enable swift action and review in detecting adverse events, product quality complaints, and special product conditions.

Automatically flag conversations.

When a compliance event occurs, identify what occurred, if the agent acknowledged the event, or escalate for review.

Reduce non-compliance risk.

Scale review efforts using proprietary AI models, specifically built for healthcare.

Improve Quality & Reduce Compliance Risk

Allow teams to track, prioritize, and monitor the status of escalated compliance events using Authenticx AI. With a comprehensive dashboard generate detailed analyses and summaries of detected compliance events and resolution results.

Risk and compliance | Healthcare regulation | Authenticx

Scale Regulatory Monitoring without Added Cost

By leveraging AI-completed evaluations, a national health insurer met all regulatory requirements by the deadline and created massive efficiency with no new costs.

Scaling Regulatory Monitoring without Added Cost​ | Customer Stories | Authenticx

Understand How SDOH Impacts Scheduling

Maintaining their social safety net mandate, a health system utilized call sampling to identify SDOH in their patient conversations to improve scheduling processes. 

Understanding how SDOH Impacts Scheduling Across a Hospital System | Authenticx Customer Story

Compliance monitoring that’s immersive and intelligent.

Real-time Insights from Day 1

Have your team spend their time reviewing only conversations with known risk, and highlight where in the conversation occurred. 

Observe the effectiveness of compliance strategies over time for proactive decision-making. 

AI Solutions for Compliance Leaders

Reliably track compliance events with full context and visibility to reduce risk, regardless of vendor.

Simplify auditing, re-train agents, address issues of non-compliance proactively to reduce overall risk exposure. 

How it Works

Aggregate with Authenticx

1. Aggregate

Combine conversation data to a single view of compliance observations and resolutions. 

Analyze with Autenticx

2. Analyze

Understand patterns and root causes of compliance events over time to reduce error rates.

Activate Compliance | Call Center Monitoring

3. Activate

Track exactly where compliance events are happening (and why) to focus risk mitigation efforts.

"Authenticx provides a combination of relevant quantified data with emotional weight, which is extremely impactful. We have immediately been able to increase the richness of our insight program. "


Authenticx for Compliance Leaders in:

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