Listen at scale with artificial intelligence.

Unlock conversation-driven insights with contextual reporting, powered by Authenticx AI. Bring conversational intelligence to your organization.

Turn conversations into actionable insights with Authenticx >

Your most valuable data is being stored and ignored.

What customer experience disruptions are not being surfaced? Do you know what obstacles are costing your organization and impacting your customers? Discover what you can uncover.

Listening at scale surfaces disruptions in the customer journey so they can be resolved. We call this the Eddy Effect.

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One source of truth. Authenticx drives change with AI-driven outcomes.

Life Sciences

Leverage patient and provider interactions to better direct compliance, CX, and operations leaders managing complex patient populations.
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The patient experience is not exclusive to the doctor’s office. Adapt to patient needs with healthcare-focused machine learning.
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Members keep calling. Do you know why? Survey fatigue makes it hard to get organic stories, feedback, and value drivers from customers.
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Listen at scale with AI built for healthcare.

You need a data partner that understands healthcare conversations are different. Authenticx identifies transformational opportunities with specialized, reliable AI trained by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals.

Artistic rendering of Authenticx platform showing three sections overlapping each other, labels include "Recent Insights," "Tag Audio," and "58 Total Interactions"

Organize and structure conversational data.

A fully-immersive blend of quantitative and qualitative insights provides valuable context. Activate 100% of conversation data with healthcare-specific LLMs.

Account for every voice of your diverse patient population.

Authenticx makes it possible to combine existing customer interactions across calls, texts, chats, emails and more. Listen to the voices of your customers, at scale, with artificial intelligence at Authenticx.

Artistic rendering of Authenticx platform showing blurred patient information above a sound wave with one position marked "Brand Value: Affordable" and the other "Brand Detractor: Online Portal"

Your customers are desperate to be heard. Are you listening?

Authenticx listens, analyzes, and activates customer voices to share insights that speak to the head and the heart. It’s data-backed storytelling at scale.

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