Learn from 100% of conversations with AI

See actionable and measurable results when using the Authenticx platform.

Address Broken Processes

Customer calls stuck in a non-productive loop (the Eddy Effect)

QA Evaluations

Monthly evaluations – scaled 4X within 10 months with AI.

Therapy Adherence

Conversations flagged for customer friction

Positive ROI impact 

Eliminate operational waste with AI-driven automation fed by your contact center conversations.

Authenticx AI

AI Built for Healthcare

Leverage specialized, reliable AI trained by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals.

Unlock data from every conversation. Augment human analysis with AI for feedback about CX, operational performance, compliance, and more.

Conversational Intelligence | AI for Healthcare
Conversational Intelligence with Authenticx

Brand Insights

A Renewable Source of Customer Insight

Uncover critical context needed to improve consumer ratings and decrease brand detractors with enhanced visibility into the entire customer experience.

Agent Performance

Evaluate Agent Interactions with the Help of AI 

Gain visibility into how agents and vendors are upholding brand standards with AI and human evaluation to provide feedback and improve benchmarks. 

Conversational Intelligence | Agent Performance
Conversational Intelligence | Authenticx | Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance

Maintain Customer Privacy and Security 

The only AI and conversation intelligence platform built to meet the privacy and security scrutiny of your healthcare organization.

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