The Eddy Effect™

1 in 4 healthcare customers are stuck.

The Eddy Effect™ is the most reliable metric to identify customer friction points for healthcare leaders.

Much like when a large rock causes water to swirl in a river eddy, your customers are experiencing disruptive obstacles that impact their access to care, create gaps in therapy, and deteriorate their overall satisfaction.

The Eddy Effect Visual GIF | Authenticx

We call this the Eddy Effect™

Identify & resolve friction points

See how monitoring the Eddy Effect™ drives positive impact.

Decrease Call Volume

Eddy Effect™ rate for prescription call line before action was taken

Wasted Spend

Monthly estimate due to identified friction points

Unresolved Disruption

3 in 4
Patients stuck due to lack of information

A metric for ROI impact

The Eddy Effect™ identifies and resolves CX breakdowns.

Strong Leading Indicator

Clients who rely on the Eddy Effect™ address gaps in therapy, access to care, reasons for churn, and indicators of attrition.

Positively Affect CX

Identify and resolve breakdowns that are disrupting your customer journey.

Built Specifically for Healthcare

Summarize sensitive conversations, and monitor trends with AI trained specifically for healthcare.

Eddy Effect Business Impact | Authenticx

Listen at scale to pinpoint waste & disruption.

Monitor key metrics such as call length, sentiment, accuracy, and estimated costs to see how the Eddy Effect™ is impacting your organization.

Eddy Effect Dashboard | Authenticx

Uncover friction and frustration.

Our proprietary Eddy Effect™ model uses keywords and phrases to build transformational healthcare AI. 

Eddy Effect Proprietary AI | Authenticx


Identify, Measure & Resolve CX Disruption

Learn more about identifying and measuring Eddy Effect™ breakdowns in the customer journey and how that impacts your business operations.  

Eddy Effect Guide | How to Identify, Measure & Resolve Breakdowns Within Your Customer Journey | Authenticx

What is the Eddy Effect™ costing your organization and how much could you be saving by resolving them?

Find out below with the Eddy Effect Calculator.

Eddy Calculator

How much are Eddies costing your organization?

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