Your Customers are Stuck

Ever wasted half a day fixing a problem that should have taken two minutes to resolve? That’s what we call The Eddy Effect™.

It’s when your customer’s ideal experience is disrupted with a frustrating loop of obstacles (or Eddies) that cause them to feel “stuck” in a problem. Sadly, up to one-third of all customers experience this phenomenon every day.

Eddies create a tremendous amount of frustration for customers who are trying to navigate through issues on their own and wastes company resources on problems that never should have occurred.

The Eddy Effect Visual GIF | Authenticx

The Eddy Effect™ is one of the worst brand experiences possible.

Eddies are hiding in your customer conversations and revealing bad experiences.

Eddy Effect Dashboard | Authenticx Platform Feature | Performance Analytics

Identify and attack disruptions in the customer journey in one convenient location.

The Eddy Effect™ Dashboard combats the complexity of healthcare with actionable feedback in a single performance analytics dashboard. Track impactful metrics across the organization to eliminate waste and improve customer outcomes.

Learn more about the Eddy Effect Dashboard

By consistently listening to customer conversations, Eddies can be surfaced and resolved- improving customer experience and retention.

What are Eddies costing your organization and how much could you be saving by resolving them?

Find out below with the Eddy Effect Calculator.

Eddy Calculator

How much are Eddies costing your organization?

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