Vendor Management

How are you addressing bottlenecks with outsourced services?

Take proactive steps to improve vendor relationships and establish a customer-centric approach with consistent quality scores measured across vendors. This ultimately saves time, resources, and annual spend.

Randomly selecting calls for quality monitoring is inefficient and perfunctory

Problems Facing Vendor Management

  • Current monitoring methods not scalable
  • Unable to identify where and why disruptions are occurring
  • Lack of visibility on agent performance
  • Inconsistent communication and workflows

How Authenticx Helps

  • Increase efficiency of QA team with Smart Predict auto-scoring with a 20% reduction of time spent
  • Drive evaluation consistency using inter-rater reliability
  • Reduce ramp-up time for new agents by 20%
  • 100% Faster deployment in solving issues at the root cause

Vendor quality scores increased QoQ with Authenticx

A healthcare enterprise wanted a consistent way to track and improve quality scores across their patient services call centers.

Authenticx evaluated a statistically valid sample of patient calls each quarter to provide an unbiased, third party assessment of quality. All vendors showed a consistent QoQ increase since implementation.

Smart Sample | Conversation Analysis Software

Smart Sample™ with Authenticx

Focus analysis on specific, targeted topics derived from collected interactions. These data samples help analysts and leaders understand what exactly is driving data-driven results.

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