Speech Analyticx™

Find and listen to data that matters.

Speech Analyticx™ summarizes themes and trends across all interactions. Metrics around conversation topics, sentiment, and other reporting can help establish a ‘big picture’ story on what your data is telling you.

Speech Analyticx | Speech Analytics Software

Daily, your organization handles an immense number of incoming conversations.

Search for specific topics and unearth transcripts, audio files, and report metrics with Speech Analyticx™

Key Features

Immersive & Intelligent Data

Leverage machine learning models and rules-based classifiers for targeted insights that meet your business needs

Search interactions for specific terms to answer questions and determine solutions

High Impact Customer Feedback Analysis | Authenticx

Actionable Insights Across Healthcare

Search and find conversation samples to see results and prevalence of critical topics so your team can take action

Reporting includes word clouds, trend data over time, total calls, sentiment, and more

Eddy Effect

Your customers are stuck.

That’s what we call the Eddy Effect™. When your customer’s ideal experience is disrupted with a frustrating loop of obstacles (or Eddies) that causes them to feel “stuck” in a problem.

Don’t just report data. Share the whole story.

Smart Sample™

Targeted evaluations pursuing topics and themes that matter most to the organization.

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Smart Predict™

Machine learning autoscores conversational evaluations to transform how analysts work

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Montage Builder™

Create a story around a particular topic by combining relevant audio clips in your customers’ own voices.

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Authenticx Solution

Immersive intelligence built specifically for healthcare.

Authenticx listens, analyzes, and activates customer voices to confidently identify dynamics and disruptions impacting the customer journey.

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