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Authenticx for Operations

Invest to optimize your digital front door.

Operations leaders need to be able to confidently identify disruptions impacting customers across the enterprise. Authenticx was founded to surface meaningful insights from unstructured data.

Bring Context and Meaning to Healthcare Operations with Authenticx

Problems Facing Healthcare Operations Today

  • Survey data and keywords are not actionable
  • Current monitoring methods are not scalable
  • Quality monitoring is inefficient and perfunctory
  • Traditional contact center metrics don’t account for the human side of the experience

How Authenticx Helps

  • Maximize conversational data you already have
  • Gain a comprehensive view of agent performance
  • Identify disruptions to reduce call volume
  • Increase customer insights to surface critical insights

Customers keep calling. Do you know why?

Real-time Insights from Day 1

Collect ongoing, real-time data without creating friction for the customer.

Account for every voice of your diverse patient population.

Product and Service for Operations Leaders

Pinpoint where disruptions are occurring to better allot resources and budget.

Gain a comprehensive view of performance with consolidated reporting.

Authenticx Solution | Speech Analytics Software

25% of inbound customer calls are preventable.

Know why people are reaching out, get real-time results, and tackle disruptions impacting your organization’s profitability.

See Authenticx in Action


Uncover actionable insights and training opportunities

A regional hospital needed to know how schedulers and nurses were responding to inbound calls on a nursing triage line. Authenticx uncovered actionable insights within two weeks so operations leaders could make appropriate recommendations.

Nursing Triage Customer Story | Contact Center Management

How it Works

Aggregate with Authenticx

1. Aggregate

Use conversational data to evaluate both customer and agent voices to surface critical insights.

Analyze with Autenticx

2. Analyze

Link telephony platforms and know how each contact center is performing.

Activate Operations | Contact Center Management

3. Activate

Monitor trends to implement continual quality improvement and accountability.

“For the first time I have an appreciation for our agents who communicate with these patients. I’ve been woken up by what I’ve heard today. ”


Authenticx for Operations Leaders in:

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