Authenticx for Operations

Invest to optimize your digital front door.

Operations leaders need to be able to confidently identify disruptions impacting customers across the enterprise and contact center. Access your existing customer data, regardless of location or telephony platform.

Success & Impact Stories

From identifying patient friction and agent performance to strategizing communication and adhering to regulatory compliance, Authenticx AI helps organizations act to improve customer and employee experiences.

Use Insights to Improve Prescription Processes

A regional hospital system was able to identify the top 5 sources of patient friction to address while giving time back to the nurse triage team and their patients.

Using Patient Insights to Improve the Prescription Process | Customer Stories | Authenticx

Prepare for Medicare Open Enrollment

Leveraging Authenticx AI to analyze over 26,000 conversations during OEP, a Medicare health insurer located top brand detractors and pinpointed actions to take to enhance their communication strategy. 

Preparing for Medicare Open Enrollment with Impactful Insights | Authenticx

Understand Confusion to Resolve Pain Points

Finding 80% of evaluated call interactions included a brand detractor, a biopharmaceutical company improved corporate messaging and agent training that reduced detractors by about 50%.

Understanding Patient Confusion to Resolve Pain Points | Authenticx

Every contact center interaction in one place.

Real-time Insights from Day 1

Leverage conversations to surface critical insights that benefit your entire organization. 

Get to the root source of why people are reaching out and tackle drains on your company’s profitability. 

AI Solutions for Operations Leaders

Pinpoint where disruptions occur to better allot resources, budget, and training opportunities. 

Gain a comprehensive view of performance with consolidated reporting in a shareable and customizable dashboard.

How it Works

Aggregate with Authenticx

1. Aggregate

Use conversational data to evaluate both customer and agent voices to surface critical insights.

Analyze with Autenticx

2. Analyze

Link telephony platforms and know how each contact center is performing without manual reporting.

Activate Operations | Contact Center Management

3. Activate

Monitor trends to implement continual quality improvement and accountability.

"For the first time I have an appreciation for our agents who communicate with these patients. I’ve been woken up by what I’ve heard today. "


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