Authenticx + Data-backed Storytelling

What is data storytelling?

Data-backed storytelling combines quantitative and qualitative data to provide meaning. By bringing data to life, people connect to concepts valuable and personal to them – concepts that balance technological innovation (the head) and the ability to impact how healthcare understands the customer journey (the heart).

Key Benefits of Data-backed Storytelling


Craft your customer story through data discovery and data synthesis to prompt action.

Receive actionable insights collected and analyzed directly from the mouths of your customers.


Integrate the voice of the customer with your micro and macro business decisions.

Unlock the human in human data that is relevant and representative of your customer population.

What are quantitative and qualitative data sources?    

Data storytelling is comprised of both quantitative data (the “what”) and qualitative data (the “why”).

Quantitative data helps create concrete information in numerical form. In conversational analytics, it is determined from automation and other AI tools, such as Speech Analyticx, Smart Predict, or Smart Sample. This type of analysis can provide real-time feedback based on measurable and trackable insights that craft business decisions from fixed customer data.

Qualitative data helps create understanding and context behind the numbers. Human listening is integral to building the narrative journey of the customer experience. This type of analysis connects the head and the heart of dynamic decision-making.

How is data storytelling used across healthcare?   

Storytelling is heavily relied upon in healthcare. However, many businesses don’t get the full story – they only see the outcome and are unsure how to find the reality within the full experience. Authenticx uses data storytelling to understand conversational data, connect the data to the human, and drive change by bringing the voice of the customer to the forefront of healthcare.  

4 ways data storytelling is leveraged in healthcare:  

  1. Identify necessary context to extract meaning in future needs, vision, or ideal outcomes. 
  2. Build comprehensive customization to identify a deeper level of understanding of opportunities and threats. 
  3. Prioritize impactful action to accelerate what is already in motion to create continuous improvement of your CX. 
  4. Listen and learn how themes and interactions adapt to the education of customer narrative-building.

    “They’re teaching looking at dashboards, building dashboards, and sharing dashboards. But we’re missing an opportunity to help our colleagues really understand the art of data-backed storytelling. ”

    Leslie Pagel Authenticx Chief Evangelist


    Unsolicited feedback has the power to transform CX.

    Take action on unsolicited feedback by leveraging healthcare-specific CX technology and listening at scale with renewable data that already exist in your company.

    Unsolicited Feedback Guide, Transform CX with Conversational Data | Authenticx

    We’re changing the game in healthcare with data-backed storytelling.

    Authenticx automates millions of customer interactions and applies human listening to bring context at scale.

    Authenticx Solution | Speech Analytics Software

    How it Works

    Aggregate with Authenticx

    1. Aggregate

    Bring customer conversations into one insights platform to categorize and organize previously unstructured data.

    Analyze with Autenticx

    2. Analyze

    Automate intake and evaluations for streamlined analysis to identify meaningful and statistically valid customer conversations.

    Activate with Authenticx

    3. Activate

    Perform evaluations that capture customer journey insights directly from the voice of the customer to confidently take action.

    Data Analytics Provide Structured, Actionable Insights | Authenticx

    Learn 4 ways health data analytics create impact.

    Use analytics made specifically for healthcare to identify and measure structured, actionable insights.

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