A Qualitative Analysis of the Entire Patient Journey From Beginning to End 

A life sciences company wanted to understand additional opportunities to improve the patient journey and present a unified agent voice. To date, analysis had focused on extracting themes and insights from a segment of calls, but this approach traced a handful of individual patients across their full journey.  

Authenticx in Action  

Authenticx completed a full-journey analysis using Speech Analyticx to pull all calls tied to a specific patient from the start of therapy to time of last contact. Authenticx storytellers analyzed all touchpoints throughout the CX journey to understand barriers individual patients face in a qualitative, immersive approach. 

Specifically, Authenticx studied patient journeys that exhibited a high volume of calls.  

For example: one case followed 17 phone calls made during a 5-month time span where the caller spoke with 10 different agents. Another case recorded 28 phone calls over 18 months where 12 different agents were involved.  

This holistic deep-dive identified the following:  

  • This style of analysis allowed the organization to see the impact of pursuing a unified, consistent voice despite different agent involvement. They were able to follow where the messaging fractured or led to additional stress and confusion. 
  • Mapping the full journey confirmed the presence of themes previously cited: confusion around specialty pharmacy and confusion around how the pharmaceutical company can provide support to patients and caregivers. 
  • This analysis discovered which sections of the patient journey were more prone to the Eddy Effect (or spots of disruption) and which sections of the patient journey were more routine. This highlighted complicated situations that necessitated a ‘single-voice’ agent need versus a more routine ‘any agent’ check-in. 


This small analysis upholds the presumption that it is possible for many agents to convey one unified voice when working with a single patient or caregiver. However, in more complicated situations, a single agent voice appears to be more likely to remove barriers and maintain positive sentiment.  

Additionally, the organization gained a more comprehensive understanding around adherence rates and reaffirmed previously identified areas of opportunity.  

This was a novel, pseudo-ethnographic approach to understanding how patients interacted with an organization and caution was taken to not draw general conclusions based on these isolated instances. 

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