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The Authenticx Story

Founded by former healthcare executive Amy Brown, Authenticx makes it possible for healthcare organizations to have a single source of conversational data, creating powerful and immersive customer insight analysis that inform business decisions.

After spending two decades working in a variety of settings across the healthcare and insurance spaces – from small companies to publicly traded enterprises — Amy saw firsthand both the opportunity and, oftentimes, the missed opportunity that healthcare organizations had.

As the COO of a health insurance company, she knew that Operations housed the customer interaction data that could help grow revenue, and improve profitability by elevating the voice and insights of the customer.

The challenge: there was no systematic way to pull those insights.

In 2018 Authenticx was founded. By taking recorded customer interactions that are already occurring—calls, emails, or chats—and using AI and natural language processing, we discern insights from those conversations to reveal meaningful information for all parts of the healthcare enterprise so they can make better business decisions. Read the full Authenticx story here.

Meet our founder,
Amy Brown

Amy Brown is the founder and CEO of Authenticx. Amy built her career in the healthcare industry, during which time she advocated for underserved populations, led and mobilized teams to expand healthcare coverage to thousands of local residents, and learned the nuance of corporate operations. She founded Authenticx with the mission to bring the authentic voice of the patient into the boardroom and increase positive healthcare outcomes.

Amy Brown | Authenticx

Meet the Leadership Team

Kip Zurcher | Authenticx

Kip Zurcher

Chief Operating Officer

Leslie Pagel | Authenticx

Leslie Pagel

Chief Evangelist

Michael Armstrong | Authenticx

Michael Armstrong

Chief Technology Officer

Eric Prugh | Chief Product Officer | Authenticx

Eric Prugh

Chief Product Officer

Sam Estes | Authenticx

Sam Estes

Senior Vice President of Revenue

Darron Lasley | Authenticx

Darron Lasley

Vice President of Talent

Beth O'Cull | Authenticx

Beth O’Cull

Vice President of Marketing

Susan Brown | Vice President of Client Success | Authenticx

Susan Brown

Vice President of Client Success

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