Agent Training & Onboarding

Accelerated and increased turnover costs an estimated $4M every year.

Employees are burnt out and walking away from healthcare. Allocating resources to develop effective onboarding and professional development decreases spend and increases retention.

Identify agent skill gaps without increasing QA headcount

Problems Facing Agent Training & Onboarding

  • Inconsistent training content and quality
  • Lack of visibility on agent coaching opportunities
  • Lack of specificity and use case examples specific to role
  • Unclear insight metrics on team performance

How Authenticx Helps

  • 20% less time spent with the Agent Coaching Module
  • Reduce the time needed to manage work assignments by 75%
  • 40% more time saved and revenue saved decreasing agent training costs
  • 100% reduction of time decreasing guesswork for operations changes

This contact center met their quality score goal in 6 months.

The organization aimed to have a 95% overall quality score by monitoring patient-centric agent skills. From these insights the organization was able to better understand customer interactions and align with outsourced call vendors. 

Montage Builder | Voice of the Customer

Montage Builder™ with Authenticx

Create a story around a particular topic by combining relevant audio clips in your customers’ own voices. This audio library helps identify training gaps and opportunities with relevant scenarios.

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