Authenticx monitors quality assurance metrics to help improve and enhance contact center management to improve efficiencies and effectiveness.

Contact Center Management

Do you know why patients keep calling?

(Hint: they’re already telling you)

Investing in conversational intelligence could save you over $300K every month by strategically identifying sources of friction.

Improve QA efficiencies and monitor agent performance

Problems Facing Contact Centers

  • Current monitoring methods not scalable
  • Quality monitoring is inefficient and perfunctory
  • Lack of visibility on agent performance
  • Resource time and spend is increasing, along with wait times

How Authenticx Helps

  • Avoid additional spend and save 20% more time performing more evaluations with Smart Predict auto-scoring
  • 50% less time spent on finding interactions by using on-demand sampling
  • 100% time saved by solving issues at the root cause
  • Improve efficiencies, decrease volume, implement quicker employee onboarding, and deploy more effective communication

One contact center identified $792K in monthly wasted spend.

Results found nearly 30% of contact center calls involved an obstacle or disruption to the customer. By identifying the top indicators of disruption, Authenticx uncovered where money and resources were being wasted.

Customer Friction Case Study | Authenticx
Smart Sample | Conversation Analysis Software

Smart Sample™ with Authenticx

Focus analysis on specific, targeted topics derived from collected interactions. These data samples help analysts and leaders understand what exactly is driving data-driven results.

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