Quality with Authenticx

Identify barriers that are impacting agent performance

Re-think how analysts review and evaluate conversations with intelligence tools built specifically for healthcare.

Improve QA efficiencies and monitor agent performance

Efficiently monitor key quality metrics with both AI and human evaluation to scale and gain visibility into how agents and vendors are upholding brand standards.

Key Features

Quality Assurance Auto-Scoring | Authenticx

Quality Assurance Auto-Scoring

Machine learning summarizes content, monitors sentiment, and automates workflows.

Enhance the way teams monitor quality with strategic, on-demand sampling and auto-scored evaluations.

High-Impact Training for Agents & Vendors | Authenticx

High-Impact Training for Agents & Vendors

Use conversational data to improve call center processes and create training scenarios to quickly onboard new employees.

Highlight the positive impact agents are having on customers with call montages.

Case Study

Moving from a Transactional to Patient-centric Customer Experience

A healthcare organization aimed to have a 95% overall quality score by monitoring patient-centric agent skills. They achieved this goal within 6 months.

Confidently Identify ROI

Operations leaders, it’s time to invest in data-driven quality assurance insights at scale.

Contact Center Oversight

Reduce time, increase efficiency, and implement change quickly.

Contact Center ROI

Vendor Management

Track and manage vendor quality to help reduce spend.

Vendor Management ROI

Training & Onboarding

Empower employees with improved training programs.

ROI in Training Development

Don’t just report data. Share the whole story.

Smart Sample™

Targeted evaluations of conversations containing topics and themes that matter most to the organization.

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Smart Predict™

Machine learning autoscores conversational evaluations to transform how analysts work

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Montage Builder™

Create a story around a particular topic by combining relevant audio clips in your customers’ own voices.

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Eddy Effect Dashboard | Authenticx Platform Feature | Performance Analytics

Identify and attack disruptions in the customer journey in one convenient location.

The Eddy Effect™ Dashboard combats the complexity of healthcare with actionable feedback in a single performance analytics dashboard. Track impactful metrics across the organization to eliminate waste and improve customer outcomes.

Learn more about the Eddy Effect Dashboard

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