Improving the Shipping Notification Process Between Pharmacy Manufacturer and Healthcare Providers

A life sciences company was seeing an increase in healthcare provider (HCP) calls inquiring about the shipping notification process for submitted prescription orders on behalf of their patients. As the manufacturer, the organization wanted to better understand why these calls were occurring.     

Authenticx in Action  

Authenticx evaluated HCP-initiated calls that included inquiries about the shipping process using our Speech Analyticx software. These calls were then compiled and shared using Montage Builder.  

During this month-long analysis, it was found that providers were proactively calling in to check the order status at every stage of the shipping process.  

Questions received included:  

  • Who is sending the medication? 
  • How long is the shipping process?  
  • When is the medicine arriving? 
  • Was the medicine shipped?  
  • Was the medicine delivered?  

Additionally, the call data showed calls that included an inquiry about medication shipments were, on average, longer in duration compared to other support calls.  


With these insights Authenticx illustrated how time could be saved if adjustments were made to the current shipping process to create a more efficient process for healthcare providers and their patients. 

In addition to time saved, the shipping adjustments could also decrease potential errors in delivering vital medication to patients in an efficient manner.  

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