Using AI-Driven Insights to Modernize Member ID Cards​

Confusion and questions around member ID cards were significantly adding to call times for the specialty insurance company’s members and agents.​

Unclear card design and nomenclature left callers unsure of a potential difference between their member number and their certification number (which in reality were one in the same), leaving them — and their healthcare providers — confused on what numbers to provide for member identification. Callers were also confused about which numbers to call for various services needed.

The Authenticx team used platform-driven AI and machine learning models to surface comprehensive insights on how members are using their ID cards. ​

Authenticx in Action  

The insurance company used voice-of-customer insights from Authenticx to clarify the nomenclature around ID numbers, making it easier for callers to quickly provide the appropriate ID at the beginning of calls and clarified whom to call and what to reference for specific needs. ​

As these changes were rolled out, the cards themselves were updated for clarity and agents were trained to use consistent language when referring to numbers on the updated ID cards.​


Following the ID card updates and revised agent talking points, member confusion around ID numbers was virtually eliminated at the beginning of calls. ​

This process improvement brought tangible efficiency to the company’s business: the average company-wide call length dropped by 30 seconds within three months, and fewer callers overall sought clarification about how to use their ID cards. This efficiency enabled the team to take on 1,200 additional member calls without added spend.

Authenticx in Action | On-Demand Video

See Authenticx in Action

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