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Healthcare is complex (and confusing your customers). Conversational analytics listens to customer interactions already happening and offers actionable insights.

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Myths vs. Facts: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Way Healthcare Listens

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Leverage your healthcare call center for actionable intel.

A life sciences enterprise wanted to better understand patient customer experience. Authenticx randomly sampled 6,730 calls, discovering 10% of customers were stuck in their customer journey.

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Over 50,000 customer interactions demonstrate how pervasive disruptions in the healthcare customer journey continue to be.

Call Center AI

Call centers provide essential customer service to healthcare patients navigating their customer journeys. Call centers provide a place for your patients to speak to call agents about the issues they are facing and find help in resolving those issues.

This being said, not all customer issues can be solved with one call to a call center. While call centers provide excellent help in aiding your patients along their customer journey, they may not be efficient in fully resolving your customers’ issues.

This is where AI call center software can help. Rather than relying solely on your call centers to resolve customer issues, employing a call center AI to analyze the data from your call centers and then implement changes based on the discoveries could help resolve issues in your patients’ customer journeys. Using AI software like Authenticx can not only help you to quickly gather data and find common customer journey issues, but also it can help to organize this data in a way that makes it easier to understand your customers’ concerns. Understanding what your customers’ concerns are allow organizations to better take action to resolve their issues and help build a better customer experience.

Call analytics software employed by an AI can review the customer interaction data from your call centers. This means that the AI can help to discover the problems in your customers’ experience which can help your healthcare organization discover what customer experience issues to focus on resolving. Because the AI software reviews the customer interaction data stored in your call centers, it can help bring attention to the customer experience problems your patients face when interacting with your call center staff. 

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Contact Centers

Artificial intelligence allows us to more effectively sift through the valuable information available to us from the archived, as well as present-time, calls and messages coming into organization call centers every day. The software run by AI use contact center databases to present a curated list of the most valuable insights that can help benefit your customers’ experience. AIs can review the large amounts of data that are stored in your databases in much shorter time frames than human beings can. This allows for a more efficient way of collecting data from your contact centers.

The benefits of AI in contact center customer data analysis do not stop at simply the collection phase. AI software can collect valuable customer insights from both phone and chat messages between your customers and contact centers and then present the data to you in an organized dashboard. After accumulating the incoming data, Authenticx AI software can organize, structure, and present it in both audio and visual formats. This can help make analyzing the data from customer conversations much simpler and can allow your team to spend more time focusing on instituting the customer insights rather than searching for them.

Call Center Machine Learning

The combination of contact center intelligence and call center machine learning (a specific subset of artificial intelligence) can be invaluable to exploring call center data science that can help to best provide your business with insights that can best help your customers. Machine learning allows machines to learn from past data experiences without having to be explicitly programmed. A conversational intelligence software like Authenticx can help to efficiently compile data for you to assess.

When searching through the unstructured data held in your company’s contact center, intelligence software can help to apply algorithms and organizational systems that help you to obtain valuable insights. These valuable insights can then be analyzed using data science tools. Authenticx conversational intelligence AI software can help your company to combine data across different locations into one central place that can be easily used for analysis. This data can then be analyzed and the insights from your customers can be more easily understood. 

How It Works

Gain a deeper level understanding of contact center conversations with AI solutions.

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Pull customer interaction data across vendors, products, and services into a single source of truth.


Collect quantitative and qualitative information to understand patterns and uncover opportunities.


Confidently take action with insights that close the gap between your organization and your customers.

Contact Center AI Companies

The benefits of contact center AI companies do not end with just collecting customer interaction data. These call center solutions should not only help to collect customer interaction data from your company’s call center but also help analyze and produce solutions as well. While collecting customer interaction data can be an integral part of assessing customer experience and helping to make changes that reflect customer concerns, collecting the data alone might not be as helpful as you want it to be. If all you are doing is collecting the data, there isn’t any analysis happening and it might be harder for your company to determine priorities.

AI solutions provide your call center quality feedback examples so that you can truly hear what your customers are trying to say. Contact center AI insights provide your company with straightforward and actionable customer feedback so that you can make better decisions to help your customers resolve their issues. Conversational analysis software like Authenticx collect data from your call centers, organize and categorize the data, work to understand the causes of concerns, and then help you realize those causes to track the effectiveness of strategies over time based on the continued collection of data.

AI Call Monitoring 

Call monitoring simply allows the AI to access the incoming data from new customer interactions (without disturbing the customer). Authenticx AI call monitoring helps consolidate new information into a regularly updated dashboard that displays customer insights for you to interact with. Conversational AI software can analyze and categorize customer interaction data and extract the most valuable insights from each call so that these insights can be easily viewed by your company.

With sentiment analysis AI, businesses better understand the feelings and intentions behind the concerns that customers are bringing to your call centers. This can not only help to better organize the insights your customers are providing by feeling — something we can all relate to — but it can also provide a much deeper connection directly between the customer and organization. Sentiment analysis can help to increase customer-centric insights for your organization.

Call Center Analytics

Analyzing the customer interaction data is one of the most important parts of determining how to best improve your customers’ experiences with your services. If data is collected and not analyzed, determining priorities and next steps can be very difficult. Instituting a call center voice analytics software can help to alleviate some of these struggles. When conversational analytics software like Authenticx is used, it can be much easier to fully understand the scale of insights your customers provide daily

With call center analytics, Authenticx helps companies better understand why customers are contacting them. By using voice analytics software, work to help your business run more efficiently by reducing the number of unnecessary calls made to your call centers. Using software like Authenticx can help you to uncover these preventable issues and thus help ensure that all of the calls coming in are a valuable use of your and your customers’ time rather than simply an error with a website.

Customer Experience AI

Customer experience AI can make gathering customer feedback much easier than sending out new surveys and waiting for responses. Most likely, your customers do not want to fill out the surveys that you are sending them which can result in inaccurate or incomplete survey responses. Additionally, traditional customer surveys are very structured and this can limit the possible ranges of responses customers give.

Customer feedback AI software systems can be useful. Rather than requiring a customer to take their time to fill out a survey or answer a selection of questions, AI software utilizes customer data that has already been collected. This means that your customers can give you feedback while they are working to solve their own problems by calling or messaging your contact center. Not only can AI systems help to save both you and your customers’ time, but they can also help to catch specific issues that might be forgotten when filling out a survey after a service has been provided.

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