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Hospital Quality Indicators

Healthcare providers and hospitals are always striving to deliver better service to their patients and customers. However, it can be difficult for organizations in any industry to measure quality accurately. This is where hospital quality indicators come into play.

What are quality indicators? A hospital quality indicator is a standardized and evidence-based measure of the quality your hospital is providing. When combined with data to support them, these measurements can be very helpful in tracking performance over time.

To illustrate, let’s consider some quality indicators examples. There are many measures that you can use to track performance and quality, but some of the most important indicators include effectiveness measures, patient-centeredness measures, efficiency measures, and timeliness measures. Each of these indicators can help you understand how well your organization is serving its patients.

Why are quality indicators important? Quality indicators are important because you need to be able to track your performance over time. Having milestones is the key to marking progress in your journey. Without tracking these measures of quality, how can you know that you are improving your services? In healthcare, the stakes are higher. It is vital that your organization is always working to improve your services and utilizing every source of data at your disposal.

There is one source of data that could help you uncover insights into your performance when it comes to these quality indicators. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked.

Your contact center processes and absorbs immense amounts of both quantitative and qualitative data describing the customer experience and journey. By aggregating and analyzing this data, you could be uncovering trends that would help you improve the quality of your services.

Authenticx is a solution that can be used at your contact center to analyze customer interactions with the power of AI and reveal data-driven insights that your leadership team can use to drive performance improvements.

The Authenticx software is a comprehensive conversational intelligence platform that allows you to combine data from all existing channels of customer interaction and organize that information by your specific needs, interests, sources, and categories.

Quality Indicators In Healthcare

Quality indicators in healthcare matter more than in other industries because healthcare providers are responsible for patient wellbeing. As a professional in this industry, you know the importance of always working to improve quality.

The way to service improvement is by measuring and tracking these quality indicators. However, you may be wondering how to measure quality improvement in healthcare. This requires data. Using data, you can objectively prove whether or not the quality of your services is improving or not. Fortunately, there are many readily available sources in hospitals to measure and track clinical performance and outcomes.

The key is to start collecting this data and analyzing it to be able to understand how well you are currently performing. One of the examples of quality indicators in healthcare we mentioned is timeliness. The time when a patient is accepted into the hospital and the time when a patient is discharged are both recorded. By collecting these times, you can gather data that shows how timely your services are.

By comparing this data to other institutions and organizations, you can unlock insights into how well you are performing when it comes to timeliness. There are many other ways you can measure quality improvement. It is crucial to always be open to any source of data that might give you more visibility into the customer experience so that you can ensure that you are serving your patients and customers to the best of your ability.

Healthcare Quality Concepts

The end goal of healthcare itself is to deliver the health-related outcomes that patients and customers are hoping for. However, healthcare quality concepts are more complicated than that. Part of quality is more than just delivering results. The experience of the customer is a crucial factor.

This experience includes everything from the initial phone call or visit all the way to post-hospital self-care and the bill payment process. Ensuring that this entire experience is smooth and positive is one of the most important healthcare quality concepts.

The importance of quality in healthcare cannot be overstated. Not only does it matter for your organization and the patient, but the entire industry can either benefit or be harmed by your performance quality. Even one story of a bad experience from a patient can impact the entire community’s trust and perception of healthcare organizations.

As you can see, there are many dimensions of quality in healthcare that should be considered. Because of its importance, you should use all the healthcare quality measurement tools you have at your disposal. One of these is Authenticx.

Authenticx is an effective healthcare quality measurement tool because it uses your own call center data to report trends over time, demonstrating quality improvement.

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Hospital Quality Indicators In Nursing

Nursing plays a major role in the services that hospitals provide. What are quality indicators in nursing? As with hospitals, these indicators refer to any measurement that can be backed by data to demonstrate quality.

How many nursing quality indicators are there? Like hospitals, there are many different ways to measure the quality of service. One measurement that pertains specifically to nurses is the number of calls that actually get referred to nurses. If your schedulers are better trained, they can provide answers to questions that your patients or customers might have before scheduling a call with one of your nurses. This is a higher quality service because it solves the problem faster and more efficiently for everyone involved.

Authenticx worked with a regional hospital to utilize contact center data to help them improve the quality of their nursing services. Within two weeks of Authenticx being implemented, the regional hospital was able to unlock valuable insights surrounding several different measures of performance and service, including what triggered schedulers to send a call to a nurse, caller sentiment, and sources of caller frustration, as well as where resources were being wasted. The hospital was even able to use the Authenticx platform to uncover specific training opportunities for schedulers and nurses within their organization. As you can see, Authenticx can be a powerful tool for improving the quality of your service.

Why are nursing quality indicators important? These measurements are important for many of the same reasons that hospital and healthcare quality indicators are important. Ensuring your patients have a positive experience as well as receive the results and information they need is your number one priority. Tracking quality indicators can help you to reach those goals faster.

Nursing Quality Indicators Examples

There are several nursing quality indicators examples we could consider. Generally, these could include patient satisfaction with pain management, patient satisfaction with nursing care, patient satisfaction with medical information provided, and more. These are all nursing-sensitive indicators examples that pertain specifically to the services that nurses are expected to provide. It is crucial to monitor these indicators so that you always have a good idea of the level of service your nurses are providing.

As we have already discussed, there is more at stake here than just an unhappy customer. Fortunately, Authenticx can help. There are many channels through which you interact with your customers. These interactions are veritable gold mines of customer satisfaction and customer experience data that is both qualitative and quantitative in nature.

Authenticx uses natural language processing to be able to accurately extract data from these customer interactions. With the unique combination of insights our platform provides, you can demonstrate quality improvement with both numerical facts and emotional insight that is impossible to ignore.

List Of Quality Indicators

In the healthcare industry, there are generally four major categories of quality indicators. What are the four quality indicators? Here is a list of quality indicators that pertain to healthcare providers and hospitals.

Prevention Quality Indicators
Inpatient Quality Indicators
Patient Safety Indicators
Pediatric Quality Indicators

The first indicator focuses on preventing complications of cases that could occur during hospitalization. The second category is all about assessing the quality of care while patients are within hospitals. The third indicator refers to ensuring that patients are kept safe throughout the hospital stay. The final category focuses on ensuring that children receive high-quality care throughout their time in the hospital.

By focusing on these four main indicators, hospitals and healthcare providers can ensure that they are providing the best service to their patients and customers.

Hospital Quality Measures

We have just shared a list of quality indicators in hospital environments that showed all the different areas of quality that need to be addressed in order to improve your service. We discussed inpatient quality indicators as well as the other three main categories of hospital quality measures. However, there are many measures within these main categories that you should be monitoring.

Authenticx can be one way to track quality improvement measures by collecting and analyzing all the data coming into your contact centers. By doing this, you can identify trends that show whether or not the quality of your service is improving. Authenticx gives you the power to access and use data you already have to your advantage so that you can better serve your patients.

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