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Collecting data is only part of the equation. Understanding begins by listening and engaging with the story your customers are sharing.

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Speech Analytics Software

As technology continues to progress, consumers are coming to expect smooth and efficient customer experiences in every part of their lives. From their experience checking in for a doctor’s appointment to their outpatient procedure and follow-up, consumers desire a certain level of simple and streamlined processes that they can get through quickly. Because new and more sophisticated technology is available to the public, more and more people are able — and willing — to give feedback on how these procedures can be improved. This is especially important in the healthcare industry, where serving patients is of the utmost priority.

This feedback is, however, not always the most easily accessible if you are relying on survey response questionnaires. While there are some patients who are willing to answer questionnaires, many patients will simply ignore them or just give very basic answers that may not fully reflect their experience. This is where using a speech analytics API (application programming interface), like Authenticx, can become extremely useful. A speech analytics API is software that allows two different applications to communicate with each other. Put differently, with this speech analytics software, call center data can be gathered and analyzed so that your healthcare organization can accurately see what your patients are actually needing from you.

The best speech analytics software will allow you to pull valuable insights directly from your customers’ interaction with your customer service centers — this means your call centers, emails, and even messaging services. A speech analytics software call center, like Authenticx, can then help you to analyze this data, organize it, and access it through a customizable dashboard so that you can prioritize the best next steps for your healthcare organization. Additionally, Authenticx speech analytics software can help you to collect real-time data from the interactions in the calls and messages that your customers are having with your customer service department so that you are always up to date with your customers‘ needs.

Speech Analytics

Many people have speech analytics questions, but one common question that is likely to arise is simple: what is speech analytics? Speech analytics is the process of gathering information to improve communication by analyzing the recorded customer interaction data that is stored in your call centers. In short, speech analytics uses the already collected data from your customer service centers to help you improve your communication and get your customers the information they need.

Useful speech analytics examples include breaking down customer interaction data into quotes that highlight the valuable concerns and also provide context surrounding those concerns so that you are not just receiving a list of “keywords.” Unlike speech analytics, questions from surveys are very structured and therefore you are less likely to get the full picture of a patient’s context which can make it harder to understand what it is that they need help with.

Using speech analytics, categories of customer insights can be organized and displayed for you on a dashboard so you can figure out which speech analytics categories should be top priorities to address. This is where having a streamlined and organized platform, like Authenticx, can help you to ensure that you are fully understanding your customer insights. Authenticx uses speech analytics to gather quotes directly from your customers about what they are having problems with so that you can begin making moves to address those concerns and improve your customer experience.

What is Voice Analytics?

Voice analytics vs speech analytics: what is the difference? While both voice and speech analysis is made to analyze phone conversations to provide customer insights, the approaches to analyzing that customer data are quite different. Voice analysis software focuses solely on analyzing how something is said to gather insights from your customers. This is different from how speech analytics gathers insights from your call center data. Speech analysis software focuses on analyzing what is said by your customers in their interactions with your customer service centers to gather insights.

With voice analysis software, speech pathology (the study of and treatment of speech and language problems) along with other factors that alter someone’s pitch, stress, tempo, etc. plays a much more important role than it does in speech analysis software. Because voice analysis focuses on how something is said, it can help you to gain a better understanding of what emotions the customer was feeling during the call. With both speech and voice analysis online, a good speech analytics software, like Authenticx, can help you to not only gain customer insights from what they are saying but also how they are saying it.

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Gain a deeper level understanding of contact center conversations with AI solutions.

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Pull customer interaction data across vendors, products, and services into a single source of truth.


Collect quantitative and qualitative information to understand patterns and uncover opportunities.


Confidently take action with insights that close the gap between your organization and your customers.

Speech Analytics Tools

As speech analytics becomes more and more popular with companies looking to better understand their customers’ concerns, there has been a rise in speech business analytics software in the market. Some may turn to a speech analytics user guide to understand their speech analytics tools options more thoroughly. Speech analytics tools help convert customers’ spoken interactions into data, offering an indexing service that allows you to search any “keyword,” and then offers a user interface that allows you to carry out these searches and organize certain keywords into categories to use as the basis for improvements you want to make.

Speech analytics vendors, like Authenticx, offer a more useful form of data than the traditional survey question or robo-call answers. By using real audio and visual information taken directly from the customers’ interaction data, not only does Authenticx provide a more personal and whole view of your customers’ concerns but it also offers you multiple ways to see and identify those insights. Additionally, because Authenticx is able to collect insights directly from your customers in real-time, you can be sure that the data that you are using is always up-to-date and relevant to your customers’ current needs.

Speech Analytics Metrics

While using speech analytics to collect data can be incredibly useful in determining what your customers are needing from your company, speech analytics metrics may not always be able to provide you with the necessary context that accompanies those keywords. For example, if you are searching for the keyword “frustrated” and you see it emerge frequently, that is helpful but it does not provide you with any information about why or where that word is coming up in your customer interactions. This is why speech analytics use cases that use “smart sampling” over the traditional speech analytics tools can be more helpful.

Smart sampling simply helps you to filter for the keywords that you are looking for and the context around them. With Authenticx, successful speech analytics KPIs are more than just coming up with frequently seen keywords. With Authenticx, successful speech analytics brings the context of the keywords and allows you to hear from the client directly to gain clear context and meaning.

Text and Speech Analytics

Advancing technology has made tools such as translation, text and speech analytics, and speech-to text tools much more widely available. From the Google Translate app on your phone to using speech to text python coding, the ability to translate between languages and spoken and written forms is readily available to many industries as well as the public. So what are text to speech use cases and why is this process important for healthcare organizations?

In healthcare, more than in other fields, collecting the insights of your customers is essential to maintaining an organization that continues to serve its customers. An incredibly effective way to make sure that you are being helpful to your customers is to collect insights directly from your customers and use those insights to determine the priorities of your business. Conversational data can be collected from not only your call centers but also your digital messaging and emailing centers. This data can then be analyzed by speech analysis software, like Authenticx. In order to be accurately analyzed and organized by speech analysis, oral data — such as phone calls — will often be converted into written data through speech-to-text software.

Speech Analytics Solutions

As detailed above, speech analysis is an incredibly powerful tool for helping your healthcare organization make meaningful changes that will actually help your customers. However, while speech analytics solutions are important for surfacing the most relevant and impactful insights from the customer interaction data stored in your call centers, the true benefit of a speech analysis software, like Authenticx, is in its ability to do what we call “smart sampling.” Smart sampling allows you to surface any type of customer interaction that would apply to your business’s strategic priorities.

Authenticx uses natural language processing software to analyze not only the words that your customers are saying through speech analysis but also the emotion and meaning behind those words. This type of analysis is called sentiment analysis. Where speech analysis combs text for key words and phrases that can help your company to understand what your company needs to improve, sentiment analysis analyses that text to find the sentiment behind it. With the combination of speech and sentiment analysis, the Authenticx software can help your healthcare business to achieve a truly patient-centric organization that hears its customers’ concerns and works to address them.

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