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What is conversational intelligence?

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Way Healthcare Listens

Artificial intelligence is helping healthcare listen at scale. Understand how and why artificial intelligence is changing how healthcare improves customer experience.

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Conversational Analytics

At times, it can be difficult to incorporate the many customer concerns and insights that company receives, especially when you want to parse the limited responses customers tend to offer in online surveys. One of the most important things to consider when trying to more accurately incorporate customer insights into your company’s strategy is to consider the comments and insights that are given outside of the surveys and robocalls. Customers provide so many insights during the daily phone, email, and chat interactions that are recorded and stored in your systems but never revisited.

Authenticx was founded to help healthcare companies make use of all of those recorded customer interactions and to discern insights from them through the use of AI and natural language processing. Because many customers are more likely to provide useful feedback during natural conversations with your call center than the feedback they’ll offer in surveys and robocalls, employing a system that helps you to sift through these conversations and analyze them for insights can drastically improve how well you can incorporate customer feedback into your company. To help you better understand what your customers want and need, Authenticx utilizes conversational analytics to surface the valuable insights from the recorded conversations stored in your system. Authenticx employs conversational intelligence software to more accurately address the customer’s needs.

What is conversation intelligence and how can it help your healthcare business? Conversation intelligence software is a combination of natural language processing technology and machine learning. This combination can help to analyze large amounts of data and deduce meaning, intent, and sentiment using artificial intelligence (AI). Authenticx employs this AI technology to better help healthcare companies gather important insights and comments from your customers through the already recorded calls stored in your call centers. The use of Authenticx’s AI system can help your company to assess many interactions more deeply in a much shorter time than if you were checking them manually.

Conversational Analytics Examples

While there are many insights to be gained from the structured surveys given to customers after they have had a service provided, many people will simply fill out the survey and not elaborate on any good or bad experiences that they faced during that service. This is where conversation analysis software can be helpful.

People are much more likely to provide a more in-depth and personal reaction when speaking to another person. Many conversational analytics examples show more in-depth responses than survey questions often receive. One example of conversation analysis proving useful would be with a patient who has dyslexia or another reading impediment that would make talking to a person easier for them than filling out a written survey. Another example of the benefit of conversation analysis would be when working with a customer whose first language is not the language you primarily operate in. While surveys and robocalls can be translated, sometimes the meaning is lost and it is much easier to get the right point across when these customers can speak directly to a translator or other employee that can help. Speaking with a person also helps to provide context more than a survey or automated call can.

Additionally, the surveys and automated calls that customers receive are often very structured and there is not much room for them to give more elaborate and personalized responses. With the use of conversational speech analytics, such as the service provided by Authenticx, your company can better gather meaningful information that can help you understand your customer’s wants by listening directly to them.

Conversational Analytics Tools

While more organizations are regularly employing methods of collecting conversational data, this is only one part of the equation to help them better their services to customers. Conversational data can be collected from voice calls, chat messages, written forms and surveys, and many other sources. However, stopping at the data collection phase only brings a few benefits. Many social listening tools highlight keywords and phrases that occur frequently by using speech analytics. While this process can definitely be useful in understanding common sentiments and experiences, these tools leave out the context of these words and phrases.

By instead employing conversation intelligence tools rather than only speech analytics tools, organizations can better understand the contexts associated with these particular sentiments. For healthcare organizations, understanding this context is especially important. Conversational analytics tools such as Authenticx’s AI software can help your company to gather not only these keywords but also the context surrounding them by listening to the conversational data collected in your call centers. Then organizing this information into one customizable dashboard so that you can easily see where your priorities should be to best help your customers.

Conversational Analytics Dashboard

As you gather insights from customer conversational analytics, it could help to consider features of conversation analysis. It is one thing to collect conversational data from your customers, but collecting the data alone would be no help if you don’t have a place to organize it. Authenticx utilizes a dashboard that is customizable to fit your business needs to organize and display all of this information. Your conversational analytics dashboard can be organized into categories that best suit your priorities and interests.

This dashboard can house both visual and audio conversational reporting from the conversational analysis of your customers’ call, chat, and email interactions. Authenticx’s conversation intelligence platform can help you organize the conversational data from your customers into a structured, organized, and easy to understand dashboard. This can not only help your business save time looking through surveys for helpful insights, but it can also bring you insights directly from your customers.

Stand-out features of conversational analysis can be featured on your dashboard in the form of audio or visual insights from your customers directly. This feature allows you to listen to highlights of important moments in phone interactions or visualize insightful email and chat conversations that were gathered from the interaction data of your customers.

The conversational analytics dashboard allows you to see all of the data gathered by the Authenticx conversational analysis software in one place at any time, anywhere.

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Conversational Data

Collecting conversational data is the first step to being able to analyze customer conversations and implement changes. In today’s society, there are so many methods of conversation platforms, from voice calls to emails. Authenticx software makes it possible to collect data from your call center, emails, chat conversations, and more into one single location. This allows you to see all of your customers’ insights and comments in one single conversational data collection.

With all of this information in one place, it can be easier to observe the conversational data analytics trends surrounding your business. Using this conversational data collection, the software can also use these observed trends and patterns to help give your business an idea of the future through predictive analytics. Authenticx software can collect conversational data from calls, emails, and text chats between your customer support and patients all without disrupting their natural conversations. Because Authenticx software analyzes the data stored in your system, it can aggregate the real-time insights from your customers without disturbing them. This can help you to see what your customers are liking and disliking about your organization at any point.

Conversational AI

Extracting valuable insights from customer interaction data can be difficult, especially when dealing with the vast amount of phone conversations healthcare companies receive every day. This is where conversational AI software can help. Not only can an AI sift through a large number of patient phone conversations quickly, but it can do so automatically. This means that whenever a new patient call comes in, your AI software can use the conversational intelligence it was programmed with to analyze and highlight the important insights of that phone conversation.

By collecting real-time data as soon as a new call comes in, your healthcare conversational AI can automatically denote valuable insights and add them to your conversational data collection. You can then access this data collection from your dashboard where the Authenticx software can help to organize and categorize your data into useful visualizations that can help your company find its top priorities.

Call Analytics Software

Formal customer surveys often provide healthcare organizations with specific customer information and details depending on the nature of the surveys. While these surveys could be helpful in some contexts, they may not be a true representation of many customers’ experiences. By implementing call analytics software, healthcare organizations can begin gaining deeper insights through the conversations customers have with their call centers. Because survey questions are often structured, customers will often filter themselves, but when talking to a healthcare provider over the phone, they are much more likely to offer a wider range of responses.

Today the voice analytics market is becoming more popular, people are expecting it to grow to $2.3 billion by 2026, but speech analytics software that simply searches for keywords may not be enough to accurately help customers in the way they need. Speech analytics can be a useful tool for helping you determine what customers need; that said, implementing conversation analysis in qualitative research of your company’s interaction with customers might be more useful in the long run. Instead of just filtering for frequently used words and phrases, utilizing the data of customers speaking openly and freely when engaging with your call centers as a source of data for your conversational analysis can offer a wider range of responses and provide the context that is required to understand individual situations.

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