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Call Center Speech Analytics Software

Organizations can use call center speech analytics software to continuously collect real-time insights from customer interaction data without creating any friction in the customer experience. With a speech analytics API, customer feedback from call centers can be analyzed and interpreted, making it easier to act upon. Authenticx’s call center speech analytics software uses conversational intelligence to enable nuanced interpretations of customer interaction data.

The best speech analytics software can provide artificial intelligence solutions that can make it easier for organizations to understand and act on customer feedback. Most organizations already have all the information that is needed to gain insight into the customer experience. Call center speech analytics software like Authenticx can use machine learning and natural language processing technology to automatically aggregate and analyze customer data that is pulled straight from the customer interactions that are already happening.

Authenticx’s automated customer data analysis can extract data from every source of customer interaction, including phone calls, emails, text messages, and more. This data is collected from each source and automatically combined and organized, enabling organizations to leverage the data they already have to improve their customer experience.

There are several advantages to implementing speech analytics software that utilizes conversational intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence software like Authenticx can make it easier to manage customer experience at scale because it can create better visibility into the entire customer population at once.

Consolidating customer interaction data from all available sources in one central location can make it easier to gain an accurate understanding of customer feedback. Normally, aggregating so much customer data from multiple sources would be time-consuming, but speech analytics software is capable of doing it automatically. This can enable organizations to spend less time collecting the data and more time learning from it and acting on it.

Speech Analytics

Speech analytics can enable organizations to collect valuable insights from customer interaction data more efficiently. An organization could use conversational intelligence tools to uncover opportunities to improve the customer experience that might otherwise have been missed. This is just one of the many speech analytics examples that can serve to illustrate the benefits of speech analytics.

In order to understand customer feedback, organizations need an effective way to listen. A typical feedback survey is one way to access customer voices, but traditional surveys usually result in a small sample size that may not be the most accurate representation of customer sentiment as a whole. Speech analytics software can serve as a way for organizations to access feedback from across the entire customer base by analyzing the daily customer interactions that are already happening. This method does not require the customer to fill out a feedback form or go to any kind of special effort to make their voice heard, which can result in a more accurate picture of how customers are really feeling.

There is conversational intelligence software on the speech analytics market that can enable organizations to increase the effectiveness of their insight programs. Authenticx can not only help organizations organize and interpret customer interaction data, but it can also use conversational intelligence technology to deliver insights with emotional weight.

Speech Analytics Tools

Speech analytics courses and user guides can help customer experience specialists learn how to better interpret customer interactions in order to extract relevant insights. There are many different speech analytics user guides and courses available online. However, simply implementing speech analytics tools instead could be the better option for many organizations. Speech analytics software that uses natural language processing technology can provide relevant insights regarding customer experience automatically. It can also aggregate and organize the data into one location that can serve as a central hub of customer experience feedback.

One of the benefits of speech analytics tools powered by artificial intelligence is that they can utilize audio and visual outputs in order to extract customer interaction data directly from the source. This can make it possible to act on a statistically significant sample of customer feedback that has been extracted directly from the conversations. Speech analytics tools can make it easier to organize this feedback and analyze it to determine each customer’s intent and emotions. Automated speech analytics tools can be used to track trends across a comprehensive set of customer interaction data, which can enable more in-depth analysis.

How It Works

Gain a deeper level understanding of contact center conversations with AI solutions.

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Pull customer interaction data across vendors, products, and services into a single source of truth.


Collect quantitative and qualitative information to understand patterns and uncover opportunities.


Confidently take action with insights that close the gap between your organization and your customers.

Speech Analytics Solutions

Organizations can use speech analytics solutions to make it possible to analyze customer interactions at scale. Millions of customer interactions can be aggregated and organized automatically with artificial intelligence. This can provide insights derived from customer interactions from all corners of the organization’s customer base.

There are numerous examples of automated speech analytics use cases. Many organizations have found success using speech analytics solutions to improve their ability to gather and analyze customer interaction data and leverage the most important speech analytics KPIs. Some organizations have been able to use conversational intelligence tools to improve the quality of their contact centers, improve the quality of their call centers, optimize conversion using customer feedback, identify sources of friction in the customer experience, improve customer retention, improve agent training, and reduce compliance risk.

Speech analytics use cases like these illustrate only a few of the ways that automated speech analytics solutions like Authenticx have helped organizations access and act on meaningful insights at scale. Authenticx is capable of collecting customer interaction data from a wide variety of feedback channels, enabling a scalable approach to gathering and interpreting customer feedback.

Speech Analytics Categories

Speech analytics vendors can provide organizations with speech analytics solutions to help them interpret customer interaction data more effectively. There are multiple speech analytics categories because not all speech analytics tools function the same way. Some speech analytics vendors like Authenticx can provide speech analytics solutions that are powered by artificial intelligence. This type of software is capable of using natural language processing technology to accurately interpret conversations with customers in a way that reflects the emotion behind the words as well as their actual meaning.

Some people might wonder what the difference is between voice analytics vs speech analytics. Voice analytics is capable of using voice recognition technology to analyze phone conversations and translate human speech into text form. Voice analytics can also help identify and interpret the emotions of a speaker based on audio patterns. This kind of technology has the potential to make it much easier for organizations to analyze customer interactions over the phone.

Voice Analytics

Authenticx uses voice analytics to extract valuable insights from customer phone calls. Voice analysis software is capable of analyzing human speech and interpreting not just the meaning of the words, but the emotional weight behind them as well. This can make it possible to gain meaningful insights from call center customer interactions. There are some companies that can offer tools for voice analysis online.

Authenticx’s voice analysis software can aggregate all the customer interaction data it collects into one insights platform. Combing all the data in one location can make it easier to gain a comprehensive overview of customer feedback across an entire organization, and enable easier tracking of trends and patterns in the data. As its name suggests, voice analysis software can also analyze the voices of customers during call center interactions and transform their raw feedback into meaningful and statistically valid insights. This can enable a streamlined method of customer feedback analysis that results in relevant and actionable insights.

Traditional feedback surveys provide a very limited sample size, and the customer’s voice becomes diluted through the middle step of the feedback form. Voice analysis software can make it possible for organizations to access their customers’ voices directly at the source. Organizations can act confidently on the insights they gather because the insights have come directly from the customer interactions themselves.

Text and Speech Analytics

Authenticx’s speech analysis solutions are able to perform sentiment analysis, which can identify and analyze the sentiment behind a customer interaction. This capability is made possible with the use of natural language processing. Natural language processing is a technology that enables Authenticx to interpret the emotional nuance of a customer’s feedback. This can allow organizations to gather much more detailed insights that take the customer’s emotions and sentiment into account, which can help determine the best ways to improve customer experience.

Conversational intelligence tools and natural language processing can be used to turn unstructured data into organized insights that can help organizations improve customer support and provide higher-quality service. Authenticx’s voice analysis AI performs text to speech analytics (and other speech analytics functions) and trained using machine learning techniques. Machine learning uses computer algorithms to build and improve an AIs ability to analyze data. It is a tool that can be used to process a large amount of customer interaction data at once, and intelligently identify insights and trends within that data. Authenticx uses machine learning and natural language processing to equip organizations with the tools they need to gain the most valuable insights they can from their customer interactions.

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