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Tap into existing customer conversations to reveal qualitative feedback. This unfiltered, renewable source of insights accounts for every customer voice – even those who don’t respond to surveys.

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Healthcare Call Center Software

When you oversee a healthcare call center, you likely want to ensure that customers complete their calls feeling better informed and confident in the service provided by the support team. Healthcare call centers can be valuable to healthcare companies because they allow companies to gain pointed insights into why customers are calling and what they are seeking to meet their needs. Moreover, customers may consult healthcare call centers to learn more about specific medications and treatments or to understand certain healthcare service options. In doing so, customers expect to connect with support who understands their needs and can connect with a sense of empathy.

Some call centers may request that customers complete feedback surveys once they disconnect from the call; however, these surveys do not often provide a complete picture of what the customer experience entails. To better gauge customer experience with support, it may be helpful to review overall trends and to make use of both audio and visual outputs.

Call centers benefit from collecting customer experience data in real time by analyzing customers’ voices as they occur. Authenticx helps healthcare call centers accomplish this. Call centers organize data structures according to their needs and customer service goals, thus creating a customized experience and gleaning insights that a typical customer feedback survey could overlook. By narrowing down their focus to specific initiatives both qualitative and quantitative data can be collected.

Finally, healthcare call center software may be able to help call centers better understand their customers and how to effectively connect with them to attend to their specific needs. This information could then be shared with executives so that they can better understand what they must do to connect with their customers. By analyzing and providing you with more customer interaction insights (both audio and visual data) call centers can position themselves as valuable resources from which customers can seek healthcare guidance and which healthcare companies can leverage to provide more focused care to customers.

Healthcare Call Center Best Practices

When receiving calls, the call center provides patients with information about illnesses, resources, what services are offered, and other information that may be critical to a patient’s care plan.

Without a healthcare call center software to facilitate the process and gather customer interaction data while employing call center best practices, a healthcare call center may not be able to run as efficiently as possible. Since customer satisfaction is an important priority for many call centers, virtual call center software can aid in gathering meaningful customer data so that executives can connect with customers and healthcare accounts. 

A healthcare account is typically an account that contains information about a patient’s illnesses, healthcare resources they may be using, and other pertinent information a support agent may need to better guide a customer. This information may be used during a call to help the patients through an issue about which they had called.

A call center software like Authenticx improves your call center’s customer support quality. This is because Authenticx’s software utilizes AI tools to help you act on a deeper level of customer understanding by enabling you to analyze and activate customer voices. A combination of audio and visual outputs are directly taken from the customer which leads to actionable insights.

HIPAA Compliant Call Center Software

Current healthcare call center trends point toward the importance of ensuring HIPAA compliance. If you work in the healthcare industry, you already know that HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

There are three major parts of HIPAA. The first part of HIPAA is Privacy rules. The second one is about Security rules. The third HIPAA is about Breach Notification rules.

Needless to say, HIPAA compliance is essential regardless of the healthcare guidance you provide your customers. A healthcare company could face legal trouble if they do not use HIPAA compliant call center software and put patient information at risk as a result. With call center software features designed with HIPAA compliance in mind, call centers can ensure that they receive the information they need from customers to help them without compromising their privacy.

Authenticx is HIPPA compliant inbound call center software that also helps you monitor HIPAA compliance. Our call center software analyzes inbound calls to your call centers to collect conversational data and surface compliance risks.

Being able to more confidently take action with insights that close the gap between your organization and customers (while also being HIPAA compliant) could allow your call center to both better connect with customers and guard their private information.

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Call Center Workforce Management Software

In order for healthcare centers to thrive, their agents need sufficient training and support to best assist customers. Call center workforce management software is typically used by managers of customer service call and contact centers. This software monitors the quality of calls and gives you actionable data so that executives may be better able to connect with customers and ensure that call centers can provide customers with the guidance they need. Call center software also helps call centers gain better insight into why customers are calling and to ensure they can be connected with the level of support they require.

Beyond this, a hospital call center model may include a workforce management software that is used by agents to receive feedback and access training materials. A good enterprise call center software boosts your call center’s productivity by gaining more insight into your customers’ needs and wants through interaction data so that you understand how to ensure that customers receive the guidance they need.

Moreover, there are many things that a call center’s administrative staff may need to achieve. For example, they may need to better understand how individual call centers are performing. Admins also delegate work tasks and ensure that certain users can access specific roles and permissions. In a healthcare call center setting, all of these different tasks can be easily accomplished using call center workforce management software.

Healthcare Call Centers

Healthcare call centers provide healthcare companies with insights into how to better address customer needs. With this in mind, healthcare companies could outsource call center services to healthcare call center outsourcing companies or opt for a more centralized call center in healthcare. Regardless of the type of call center your healthcare company employs, there are solutions to help you aggregate, analyze, and provide helpful customer interaction insights.

While Authenticx does not offer call center services, we work alongside healthcare companies to help analyze customer interaction data from their call centers. More specifically, we analyze and activate your customers’ voices to better gauge the quality of customer experiences and to ensure that executives can be equipped with the tools they require to connect with customers meaningfully.

The Authenticx platform provides relevant quantified data that allows you to prioritize specific initiatives according to your call center’s needs. 

Healthcare Call Center Benchmarks

The healthcare call center benchmarks used may vary from call center to call center for those holding healthcare call center jobs. Generally, call center platforms will try to have inbound calls answered within a certain duration of time so the wait time is not too long.

Authenticx software helps you improve the accuracy and richness of your call center customer interaction insights by placing a more specific focus on customers’ needs. 

Call center software that provides you with customer interaction data, like Authenticx, may help make it more manageable to provide guidance to customers. A common misconception in the industry is that feedback surveys can provide you with actionable and accurate insights. However, the truth is that many feedback surveys lack actionable data due to a skewed and limited dataset. If a call center acts on this skewed dataset, they may find themselves going further away from their desired benchmarks.

With better insights on customer interactions, you can improve your overall patient engagement and satisfaction, thus hitting more tangible healthcare call center benchmarks.