Unlocking Conversational Data: 3 Insights to Enhance the Patient Experience in Healthcare

Authenticx CEO and Founder, Amy Brown, and Chief Evangelist, Leslie Pagel co-presented a webinar with the Beryl Institute to discuss how conversational data can help enhance the patient experience. In the session, Amy and Leslie shared ways to leverage conversational data, tactics to prompt action, and some ways to get started. Watch the session on-demand here: Are You Listening? Unlocking Conversational Data to Enhance the Patient Experience.

Check out the highlights from the webinar.

The Problem with Data

There’s a ton of data being captured based on customer behaviors, interests, and interactions. And that’s the problem. We have a ton of information available to us, but oftentimes that data is collected in siloes, resides in different parts of the organization, or doesn’t capture the complete story. Which is less than ideal when thinking about the customer journey. Every touchpoint provides data, as well as an opportunity for patients to get stuck.

Historically, there has not been a sound way to wrap our arms around conversational data– by some estimates 84% of conversational data is available but not used due to limited resources and time necessary to do more comprehensive sampling.

Investing in rich insights from customer thoughts, feelings, and perceptions is a missed opportunity to build a bridge between customer conversations and other strategic opportunities. That begins with listening. Listening allows organizations to understand context and clarity around the customer journey.

In summary:

  • The reality: We have a lot of data
  • The problem: Most of our valuable data sources go unused
  • The solution: Leverage your conversational data by listening

3 Insights to Enhance Patient Experience in Healthcare: Key Webinar Takeaways

1. Listening unlocks critical insights

In the webinar, listeners were asked what information source they rely on most to listen to patients. 82% responded their survey programs help track patient experience in healthcare. However, technology advancements is making it possible to listen at scale, creating opportunities to hear more voices. A listening funnel methodology offers a continuum for investments, particularly with new AI, machine learning, and other voice technologies coming into the market

Listening is highly valuable and insightful. It can help:

  • Evaluate: Listen or read transcripts to understand the immersive experience of what’s going on in interactions
  • Sample: Analysts can analyze datasets for additional insights and quality feedback.  Technology can help handle larger datasets with autoscoring capabilities.
  • Total Universe Analysis: Deploy human capital and listening technology to monitor all conversations at a large scale for trends, themes, and feedback (check out this case study example)

2. Gathering insights is one thing, acting on them is another

It’s challenging to act on insights. 93% of webinar respondents said driving action is extremely challenging or somewhat challenging in their business. Which shows that effectively and efficiently gathering insights is only part of the equation, driving action is another.

Engagement is a first step in prompting action. Being able to present data in a compelling way can influence change—storytelling is one compelling example. With a balance of head and heart stories can create an immersive, memorable experience. Being able to bring emotion to your data inspires and leads to action because it’s hard to unhear it. One method in sharing a story is to share literal voices of the customer (At Authenticx, we call this a montage).

3. Small steps can help you get started

Conversations hold enormous value for both positive and negative feedback. Leveraging insights and then taking action can help motivate teams, improve current systems, and ultimately create a smooth customer experience. Big change can come from a small first step.

Consider these 3 ways to get started:

  • Start with the patient journey: Build a journey map that identifies the ideal experience and critical touchpoints with the customer to better understand what insights would be valuable
  • Starting listening to conversations: This doesn’t need advanced technology to get started, ask colleagues and teams for samples of interactions and begin to take notes on themes being heard again and again
  • Recognize the impact your team is already making: Shine a bright light on outstanding work being done, motivate teams, and build a sense of connection with the customer

Watch the full webinar on-demand: here: Are You Listening? Unlocking Conversational Data to Enhance the Patient Experience.

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