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Authenticx analyzes customer conversations to surface recurring trends.


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Collecting data is only part of the equation. Understanding begins by listening and engaging with the story your patients are sharing.

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Survey Analytics

One simple way for any business to improve its customer experience is to listen to customer feedback. Commonly, is accomplished via surveys and survey analytics. The problem: surveys don’t collect vital feedback as efficiently as they could be.

Survey analysis can be time-consuming because it requires people to manually pour through the survey results, extracting the most relevant information about the overall quality of customer interaction.

Survey analytics are unreliable because feedback forms can be tedious to fill out, which means many customer experiences go unreported. This can cause businesses to miss out on valuable opportunities to learn how to improve their customer interactions. If some customers fill out surveys and others do not, a skewed picture of total customer satisfaction is created.

Companies already have all the information they need to make decisive and effective changes to the customer experiences they provide. The problem they face is how to collect, organize, and evaluate all that information in a way that enables them to use it for a positive outcome. Conversational intelligence software is an alternative solution that can directly analyze everyday customer interactions and reveal the most important insights hidden within them. 

A customer interaction analysis platform that utilizes conversational intelligence software can analyze customer interactions in real-time, identify the most important insights, and aggregate that information to create a clear, data-focused picture of customer satisfaction. This capability provides a more accurate means of collecting and evaluating data. Conversational intelligence software not only has the potential to be more effective than survey analytics, but it can also gather and aggregate customer data much more quickly.

Survey Analytics Tools

Survey data analysis software presents a much more limited view of trends and patterns because it usually rests on a less complete dataset. While, survey analytics tools can help companies understand the results of their surveys, keep in mind surveys are often a flawed method of gathering feedback about customer interactions in the first place.

It’s important to recognize there are additional survey data analysis tools available that uncover and track information about customer interactions. A customer interaction data analysis tool like Authenticx partners alongside you to improve efficiencies in collecting and understanding customer feedback.

Instead of relying on feedback surveys that customers may not even bother to fill out, Authenticx can go straight to the source and automatically highlight the most significant information customers are sharing directly. This results in a more complete dataset and less time spent collecting and interpreting customer surveys.

It can also aggregate customer interaction data from multiple sources. For example, if a company allows customers to contact support via a call center or an online helpdesk, Authenticx collects interaction data coming in through both channels and combines it all to tell the whole story. This enables analysts to observe trends and act on big-picture truths rather than focus on isolated incidents with no cohesive strategy. 

Survey Data Analysis

Survey data analysis can provide valuable information about customer interaction. However, collecting the necessary data with a survey may not be the most effective method. Survey interaction data analysis software like Authenticx is a survey analysis example that’s more accurate and informative than traditional survey analysis methods.

By using conversational intelligence software, analysis tools like Authenticx help businesses leverage the data they already have to improve their customer experiences and ensure that no important data is left out. Relying on data analysis of survey results creates an incomplete impression of the overall quality of a business’ customer interactions. 

Surveys can be useful for gathering simple information, but they quickly get complicated and inefficient if the goal is to gather a lot of detailed data. The process can be time-consuming to complete without the help of software or artificial intelligence. Authenticx utilizes conversational intelligence software that can analyze customer interaction data automatically and give analysts clear insights to guide their customer interaction decisions.

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Gain a deeper level understanding of contact center conversations with AI solutions.

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Pull customer interaction data across vendors, products, and services into a single source of truth.


Collect quantitative and qualitative information to understand patterns and uncover opportunities.


Confidently take action with insights that close the gap between your organization and your customers.

Statistical Analysis of Survey Data

Statistical analysis of survey data is one viable way for businesses to gain a better understanding of their customer interactions. This method provides questionnaire analysis and interpretation based on respondent answers.  Learning how to analyze questionnaire data is very straightforward, and customer surveys are a popular way to gather feedback from customers. A software platform like Authenticx can provide an efficient means of organizing, analyzing, and acting on the customer interaction data that businesses already have right in front of them. Authenticx partners with organizations that want to make better use of their customer interaction data with statistical analysis methods.

Data analysis platforms equipped with conversational intelligence software, like Authenticx, can provide companies with an easier way to manage their customer interaction data and leverage it into meaningful improvements.

Survey Data Analysis Methods

How are you currently reviewing statistical analysis of questionnaire data? One of the benefits of using Authenticx for customer interaction data analysis is the ability to both see and hear the data. Authenticx provides the usual reporting visuals and metrics, but also allows users to hear directly from conversations that the data comes from. The software pulls snippets from customer interactions over the phone and presents them like a highlight reel. This can focus analysts’ attention and help provide examples of the most important customer interactions so that companies can allocate analyst time more efficiently.

Authenticx provides a relevant solution for businesses that want to improve their customer interactions but have been struggling to implement effective survey analysis methods. The conversational analysis software is one way to give analysts a respite from manual questionnaire analysis methods and improve their understanding of the data. Additionally, the statistical data provided by surveys is usually not as informative as the combined visual and auditory data offered by conversational intelligence software available with tools like Authenticx.

Survey Framework

Survey design and analysis is one way to collect customer interaction data, but the survey framework is sometimes not well suited for gathering complex data. Conversational intelligence tools like Authenticx can provide a more efficient and accurate way for businesses to gain insight into their customer experiences. Customer interaction data analysis software is designed to aggregate large numbers of customer interactions into organized categories, making it possible to efficiently evaluate complicated datasets. When companies have access to more detailed methods of data analysis, they can take steps to improve customer interactions with the confidence that they are acting based on a complete picture of the situation.

Authenticx makes it possible for companies to improve the customer experience they offer based on data-driven insights. Survey design and analysis can take up a lot of time, whereas conversational intelligence software has the potential to save time by identifying key information that already exists in businesses’ customer interactions. 

Survey Data Analysis Example

Authenticx helps analysts see customer interaction data in ways that make it easier for them to identify problems and take confident action to remedy them. Using data-backed storytelling techniques companies find more opportunities for improvement and provide the level of detail necessary to act effectively.

Tools like Authenticx are often better equipped to help companies manage customer interactions data due to its ability to aggregate data from every source of customer interaction. 

A sample questionnaire analysis report could provide a business with some insight about which direction to take, but survey results usually lack the nuance offered by conversational analysis tools. Authenticx helps companies move their CX strategy in the right direction by providing real-time insights backed by data taken directly from customer interactions. Companies use this capability to improve their decision-making and overall customer journey experience.

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