Emerging Insights from Chat-driven Conversations

A pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) wanted insights from chat conversations in order to better understand how their chat-driven conversation channels were performing.  

Authenticx in Action  

The team calibrated for chat-driven analysis (rather than voice-to-voice conversations) in order to share relevant insights.    

Authenticx analyzed 300+ chat conversations that represented 40+ of their customer service agents, over a span of several months, to diagnose themes and areas of improvement for the patient digital experience for patients.  

Insights from chat conversations | Customer Story | Authenticx

Ex: Visual showing the top issues driving patients to utilize chat

To do this, Authenticx created different visuals that highlighted and mapped the journey of a chat-driven conversation.   

Three different methods were leveraged to engage with the client and help share the voice of the customer:  

  • Chat bubble animation highlighted timings, misspellings and helped visualize the chat experience as it occurred between the customer and agent 
  • Text to voice technology helped illustrate how difficult it was to measure tone in a chat experience 
  • Visual storytelling provided additional context and drew focus to specific instances within the chat conversation to prompt discussion and highlight opportunities for improvement  


Authenticx highlighted the following themes from chat conversations between the organization and their patients:  

  • Complications arose at all aspects of the process, from placing orders and navigating the digital tools to pricing and refills  
  • Agent responses varied and inconsistencies appeared to heighten confusion in an already complicated process 
  • With limited messaging of being ‘placed on hold,’ long wait times persisted between first chat submissions and the organization’s responses 
  • Without clear directions for how to troubleshoot technical account issues, patients were chatting the wrong team for help, costing agent resources, and increasing patient frustration 

Chat messages communicate differently than voice.  They are more asynchronous and can be hard to interpret tone via text. Authenticx insights helped highlight opportunities to enhance corporate messaging and equip employees to effectively guide patients to the chat channel functionality to communicate and answer questions.  

It’s important to recognize that there are many different ways that customers are communicating and interacting with your brand. By utilizing Authenticx to listen to conversations that included both voice and chat channels, the PBM was able to confidently identify where friction was occurring in the patient journey and strategize how to address it.  

Authenticx in Action | On-Demand Video

See Authenticx in Action

Learn more about how Authenticx analyzes customer conversations to surface recurring trends in this two-minute video.

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