Finding Unexpected Brand Detractors with Unsolicited Feedback

A health maintenance organization (HMO) wanted to target different focus areas surrounding dental benefits and in-network dental provider options for Medicare customers. They needed to hear caller perceptions and capture themes to take action on any negative feedback.

Authenticx in Action 

Authenticx analyzed call interactions for brand detractors (negative feedback) on their dental plans. The team expected that coverage benefits and in-network provider options would be the leading drivers of negative feedback. Using Smart Sample, we targeted conversations where dental issues were mentioned. In that sample, fewer than 10 interactions in the data set expressed disappointment about benefits and providers. Although this insight offered relief to the client the Authenticx analysis also revealed unexpected pain points around the digital user experience and confusion around members’ dental plans. 

While evaluating the data sets, Authenticx highlighted instances when customers indicated confusion with website navigation and instances where the call center agents struggled to help customers locate specific items on the organization’s website.  

Authenticx shared unsolicited feedback about the website and the insurance plan. The HMO heard members and providers describe these problems during interactions: 

  • Member: “I’ve checked the website and I can’t find where any plan information is located…it isn’t user-friendly.” 
  • Agent: “This is new, not something I’ve seen [on the website] before. Let’s see if we can figure it out.” 
  • Provider: “We just checked online, and it says the plan isn’t active. We’re not able to put two and two together over here.” 


After these findings were presented, the organization tested the navigation themselves. They also reviewed the process to locate member insurance plan information. Immediately, they came to similar conclusions and began to understand how these detractors affected their brand perception. The organization made correlating changes to the website to further study the impact on their customer experience for Medicare members. 

Collecting the actionable insights from Authenticx, the organization made pragmatic lists for their IT department and UX designers, crafted steps to better equip agents to understand the website design, and investigated ways to communicate the insurance plan information more clearly (such as on member cards).  

If the HMO hadn’t utilized Authenticx to listen at scale to brand detractors, the HMO would have never understood that the issues they expected to be a problem were not the actual issues affecting their member experience. 

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