2024 Predictions Featuring Authenticx Voices

As many media outlets are considering 2024 predictions for healthcare, our own Authenticx leaders – Amy Brown, Leslie Pagel, Eric Prugh, and Michael Armstrong – are sharing trends related to healthcare and tech innovation insights. Check out some of their predictions for the industry next year.

Healthcare IT Today | 2024 Health IT Predictions

Authenticx Founder & CEO Amy Brown contributed prediction commentary in Healthcare IT Today on the topic of using AI to listen at scale to the actual voice of the customer, not take the human out of healthcare.

Humans spend their day communicating with each other, with those words exchanged in conversation — via text or recorded voice — falling into the category of unstructured data. This data will continue offering robust, contextual insights that can impact all functional areas of an organization. AI can help analyze unstructured data at scale, to understand what people talk about. Understanding leads to better decisions; better decisions lead to better outcomes for both business and customers. Smart companies will approach AI with a great deal of intentionality and responsibility, recognizing the opportunity is not just in replacing human effort, but also in understanding the impacts of listening.

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO at Authenticx

Health IT Answers | More to say on AI in Healthcare in 2024

Authenticx Founder & CEO Amy Brown contributed commentary in Health IT Answers on the topic of using AI to listen at scale to the actual voice of the customer.

Healthcare help isn’t about the chatbots
We’ve listened to over 200 million customer conversations this year. U.S. healthcare customers — whether Medicaid, Medicare, commercial or private — are not asking for more chatbots. Those features don’t equate to CX. Customers are asking for their questions to be answered, for their promises of return phone calls to be returned and for CX technology to work effectively so they don’t miss a medication dose. It isn’t that we don’t have a way to diagnose the problem correctly, we do — through conversations and the unstructured data they generate. Leveraging AI to analyze this unstructured data at scale will give leaders better insight into what’s actually happening in their customers’ experiences.

Our understanding of the problem is incomplete when we don’t factor in the literal voices of customers. Unstructured data was never accessible before, but it’s accessible now — in a way people can understand — with new technology and AI adoption.

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO at Authenticx

Health IT Answers | Will AI Continue to Demand All the Attention in 2024?

Authenticx CPO Eric Prugh contributed commentary in Health IT Answers on the topics of AI models, the future of AI in healthcare, and the ethics of AI.

Implications of AI for healthcare in 2024 and beyond
It’s a foregone conclusion that AI will be adopted for the benefit of healthcare. We’ve seen healthy skepticism in specific healthcare sectors because of AI’s history, but now we’re seeing equally healthy optimism in people looking to solve complex problems. AI isn’t a silver bullet, and it won’t do people’s jobs for you, but it’s crucial to enable humans behind the healthcare system to be better at what they do, better serve patient experiences and achieve better patient outcomes.

Generative AI, like ChatGPT, has shown people what’s possible and given AI the exposure it needed to overcome the hurdle of adoption in healthcare. Concerns remain about how the models are trained and how AI reaches conclusions that we must be careful of. Adoption of AI is coming from more than the CIO now — like innovation leads pushing for AI as a part of their regular programs. We’re seeing use cases codified outside the IT department. There are plenty of use cases that AI solves that have actual, real utility to the organization, which is a net positive. Both feasibility and value are there.

The ethics of AI
It’s important for those of us who build AI to take ethics into consideration. We need to install the guardrails to ensure an equitable process for training new models, defined processes for how we iterate and documentation for how we process feedback. We’re in a state of formation and pioneering what things should look like — and it’s a race. There’s always potential for bad things to happen when you’re moving fast, so collectively we need guidance in specific areas for AI that will help steer future developments. That won’t come to fruition in 2024, but we’ll see more norming and well-formed use cases and ideas.

Eric Prugh, CPO at Authenticx

MyCustomer | Deliver Better CX with Conversational Intelligence with Leslie Pagel

Authenticx Chief Evangelist Leslie Pagel contributed an article in MyCustomer about the need for leaders to incorporate conversational AI into their CX. In her prediction, she shares insights on the future of AI, CX innovation via data-backed storytelling, and how leaders can keep a pulse on customer needs in 2024.

“As organisations prepare to meet (and hopefully exceed) customer expectations in 2024 and beyond, here are some things to remember.:

  • Re-priortise: To remain relevant, CX teams must prioritise how they keep their finger on the pulse of customer needs and use those insights to adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Keep pace: Organisations investing in these resources (unstructured data in AI) will be rewarded with a competitive advantage because they’ll be equipped to respond quickly to meet customer needs.
  • Improve performance: Emerging AI technology will continue leading the way to help organisations find and decode signals driving the right actions and changes to achieve customer-centricity through the power of conversations.
  • Empower teams: Investing in conversational AI doesn’t just support operations and customers – companies can use it as a motivating tool for employee development and training, too.
  • Data-backed storytelling: In the very near future, data-backed storytelling will emerge as an essential strategy for communicating the meaning of collected data trends, expanding the context surrounding data points and providing leaders with guidance on clear next steps.

2024 is a wake-up call for CX leaders to embrace conversational intelligence via AI-powered technology to help listen more intentionally, identify stories and take action to deliver better CX.”

Leslie Pagel, Chief Evangelist at Authenticx

Healthcare Brew | Health tech companies predict AI trends for 2024 with CPO Eric Prugh

Authenticx CPO Eric Prugh contributed commentary in Healthcare Brew about 2024 predictions for the health tech industry. In his prediction, he shared insights on AI models, the future of AI, healthcare complexities, and AI-focused job creation.

“There’s so much complexity to the healthcare system, and ultimately, what you’re asking everyone in the industry to do is to keep tabs on everything—on all the processes, on all the controls, on all the compliance needs, on all the sorts of security and privacy things that are factored into that.

We have data scientists that are trying to figure out how to engineer how they work with tools like GPT or large language models—which are really a broad category—to get the answers that we need to synthesize the right insights to our clients in healthcare. I’m starting to see people trying to develop best practices, and that’s going to turn into a whole set of careers.”

Eric Prugh, CPO at Authenticx
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