Using AI to Improve Healthcare Call Center Performance

Article Summary:  

  • As healthcare evolves to meet the needs of patients, it is crucial to improve call center performance. 
  • With specified conversational AI, call center leaders are enhancing performance and efficiency through automation, pattern identification, and real-time feedback. 
  • AI allows call center leaders to meet patient needs while improving the organizational bottom line. 
  • AI can help improve call center performance and efficiency by: 
    1. Automating evaluations and QA 
    2. Improving agent performance and retention 
    3. Ensuring compliance and regulatory requirements 

As the patient experience continues to evolve, the importance of improving call center performance cannot be overstated. Call centers act as the first point of contact for patients and ensuring that interactions are handled efficiently and professionally is key to building a strong relationship with them. To improve call center performance and efficiency, AI is unlocking the voice of the customer and the value of agent-patient interactions.  

AI in Call Center Operations

By leveraging the power of AI, call center leaders are uncovering a wealth of benefits. For instance, industry-specific AI models have the power to automate notes, tasks, and track key performance indicators (KPIs) in call center conversations. These AI-powered actions and capabilities allow agents to focus on the quality of the call, attend to high-priority and highly personal topics that require human intervention, and direct attention to the complex nuances of healthcare.  

The integration of AI into operations can help improve call center performance, ensuring that critical business functions are operating at peak efficiency, delivering optimal results, and driving greater success for organizations. With the help of advanced technologies like AI, call center leaders can better meet the needs of their patients while simultaneously improving their bottom line. 

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Next Level Call Center Operations with AI

The key to unlocking the answers to problems facing organizations can be found in call center conversations. These interactions are filled with valuable insights that can help leaders and agents make informed, data-backed decisions and crush the complexity often found in healthcare.  

But how can organizations sift through all the conversational data to find solutions that improve call center performance? This is accomplished with Authenticx’s proprietary AI made for healthcare and a platform with customizable and actionable insights. With the ability to process and analyze vast amounts of information, AI can turn contact centers into insight centers. It can help dive deeper into emerging trends and address the biggest issues facing patients, the brand, and employees. Some of these insights can include: 

  • Scores on call guide adherence and compliance 
  • Scores on sentiment, before and after the conversation 
  • An overview of comparative agent, line, and center performance 
  • Automation of completed call evaluations for agent review 
  • Personalized agent coaching and training opportunities  

Address the challenges patients face to make better, data-backed decisions and take proactive steps to improve call center performance and agent efficiency.  

3 Ways AI Improves Call Center Performance

Conversational AI offers a range of benefits that can help take call center operations to the next level. The three ways to improve call center performance and efficiency by leveraging AI are: 

  1. Automating evaluations and quality assurance. This makes it easier to monitor calls and ensure that agents are meeting standards, metrics, and helping patients find a solution. By automating these processes, time and human resources are saved, while gaining valuable insights into how agents are performing. 
  2. Improving agent performance and retention. By providing agents with real-time feedback and coaching, their skills and customer service delivery can be refined. This, in turn, can help retain top talent and reduce turnover rates. 
  3. Ensuring total and comprehensive compliance. This helps leaders stay on top of regulatory requirements and avoid costly penalties. With advanced monitoring capabilities, conversational AI can detect and flag potential compliance issues, opening the opportunity to address them proactively before they become a problem. 

There are many ways that conversational AI can help improve call center performance and agent efficiency. By automating evaluations and quality assurance, improving agent performance and retention, and ensuring total compliance, specified AI can help streamline operations and deliver a better patient experience.  

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