Authenticx Furthers Investment in Conversational AI with Addition of CPO

Eric Prugh joins Authenticx as Chief Product Officer to expand the company’s robust conversational intelligence solution.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — May. 16, 2023 — Authenticx, the new standard in healthcare for listening to customer voices at scale, has appointed Eric Prugh as its Chief Product Officer to further the company’s product vision to help healthcare enterprises improve operations, compliance, and business insights from recorded customer conversations.

“Eric’s impressive product experience will be instrumental to our team as we further our mission to help humans understand humans. We’re lucky to have Eric join us during this time of significant company growth. His contributions will help us continue our forward momentum in delivering the most effective and advanced conversational intelligence tools.”

Amy Brown, Founder + CEO, Authenticx

Prugh brings more than 15 years of experience in building and scaling software companies in go-to-market, product and international functions to Authenticx. He previously served as Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at PactSafe, a platform powering over 1 billion online contracts for companies like Wayfair, DoorDash and Orangetheory Fitness. PactSafe was acquired by Ironclad in 2021. Eric was also a leader at ExactTarget, a marketing technology giant in Indianapolis acquired by Salesforce in 2013.

“Authenticx has created an incredible platform powered by AI and specifically built to help healthcare organizations. Healthcare is in desperate need to better understand and learn from their patients, healthcare providers, and customers. Authenticx turns recorded customer conversations from unused files into growth opportunities, I’m looking forward to helping this innovative company raise the bar on the relevance, nuance and value of insights unveiled through AI.”

Eric Prugh, Chief Product Officer, Authenticx

To date, Authenticx has analyzed over 200 million health care conversations and successfully and accurately identified areas of operational waste, regulatory risk and revenue opportunities by using AI to organize complex and unstructured conversational data. Authenticx provides insight on agent quality, customer sentiment, unsupervised topic identification, HIPAA, adverse events, and other healthcare challenges with the development of specific machine learning models.

Authenticx uses its machine learning models, including Conversation Summary and the Eddy Effect™, to analyze these conversations. These models were purposely built to address the industry’s most pressing challenges. Conversation Summary is a generative AI large language model like ChatGPT that transcribes, then summarizes conversations for efficient evaluation. The Eddy Effect™ is the only commercially available customer friction model directly tied to ROI to help identify signals of patient confusion and frustration, therapy discontinuation, and training opportunities, as examples.

Eric’s addition to Authenticx is a strategic hire to drive innovation and accelerate the company’s position as the go-to artificial and conversational intelligence solution for healthcare organizations. 

For more information about Eric Prugh, Authenticx’s conversational AI models or to learn how the company helps healthcare organizations listen to customer feedback at scale, please visit Authenticx.com.

Authenticx in Action | On-Demand Video

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Authenticx is the new standard for humanizing conversational intelligence in healthcare by analyzing millions of customer interactions (like voice, chat, or emails) to surface immersive and intelligent insights at scale. Authenticx was founded to aggregate, analyze and activate customer interaction data to surface transformational opportunities in healthcare. Using existing data that’s likely being stored and ignored in your organization, Authenticx reveals hidden barriers, motivators, and strategies so healthcare organizations can make confident, data-backed decisions. 

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