Mitigating AI biases in Healthcare: A Recap 

Authenticx Founder & CEO, Amy Brown recently spoke with hosts Rebecca Szkutak and Dominic-Madori Davis on the technological startup podcast, Found by TechCrunch to discuss mitigating AI biases in healthcare. 

The discussion revolved around the quickly evolving world of artificial intelligence and the ethics surrounding the fast-paced environment. Just by listening, Amy shared how Authenticx insights are gathered and used to improve the thousands of conversations that occur every day in a healthcare system.

By listening to these conversations and utilizing the Authenticx platform, a new standard can be set “in healthcare for listening to customer voices at scale, providing AI-driven conversational intelligence solutions to healthcare companies.”

Listen to the podcast here and view highlights from the discussion below.

Teaching AI How to Follow the Rules 

As shared in the TechCrunch article, It’s not just hype, corporate America is making huge bets on AI transforming their businesses:

“Building ethical algorithms takes time. Models that were built quickly are more likely to have ingrained bias while lacking the necessary guardrails in place to keep them from causing unnecessary damage. If done in haste, or done poorly, AI models have the potential to cause real harm in certain sensitive industries, such as health care.”

For Authenticx, that meant building the entire model in-house and having people who understand the specific nuances surrounding healthcare-focused data in charge of labeling and training AI algorithms.  

Instead of just hiring data scientists, we hired nurses and social workers and counselors, and people who have spent their careers working inside the business of health care. Not only did they understand the spoken word, but they also understood the context of the situations of the calls to which they listen to as well.

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO of Authenticx

During the interview, Amy reiterated the importance and value of having individuals that have worked in healthcare helping label the calls analyzed because the data becomes much more useful, meaningful and correct.

Do you want to learn more about how Authenticx is using AI to improve the healthcare industry? Check out this resource: Generative AI is Changing How Healthcare Innovates

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