Three Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing How Healthcare Listens

When we look at the evolution of customer experience (CX) measurement one thing is clear. We have evolved how we capture the voice of the customer, with advancements including telephone data collection, web-based surveys, ratings and review, web intercept surveys, interactive voice response (IVR), etc.

But, we haven’t evolved what we capture.

For over a half of a century, we have asked our customers to recall a recent experience and to share their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. In essence, we have been measuring memories.

But now, with advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), it’s time for the next era of customer listening.

Through AI we have an opportunity to dramatically shift not just how we measure the experience, but what we measure. And, it’s time to stop measuring memories and start measuring the moments of the experience. The moments when our customers touch our business. The moments when our people, process, technologies, marketing promotions, etc. touch our customers.

Why do we need to start measuring moments?

While we’re in the back-office tinkering with our survey program, our customers are interacting with our business directly, and sometimes their voice sounds like this.

Artificial Intelligence is Changing How Healthcare Listens

Artificial intelligence is how we evolve what we measure – it’s how we start measuring moments. When we start measuring moments, we realize there’s a LOT of messy data, which is why AI is necessary. AI brings mountains of messy data to life, enabling us to organize information that has previous gone unused and make sense of complex information – such as conversations.

The Three Organizers

Here are three examples of how artificial intelligence is helping healthcare companies organize large volumes of unstructured data to measure the moments when customers (patients, caregivers, doctors, pharmacists, insurers, etc.) touch the business.

Generative AI:

Generative AI is an approach that leverages AI to create new and original content. Contact center data is extremely messy because conversations produce a lot of unstructured data (we speak 125-150 words per minute). Business leaders are seeking ways to understand the essence of a conversation without having to listen to the call or review the full chat transcript. Generative AI is used to summarize full calls into a few sentences and statements, saving leaders a TON of time.

Here’s an example of an AI-generated conversation summary:

The representative speaks with a man recovering from surgery. The man reports undergoing surgery in December due to narrow sections and blockages in his intestine. His recovery is expected to take around 6 weeks. The representative documents the call and asks about other medications, noting that he has been vaccinated against COVID-19, receiving three doses. They schedule a follow-up call for the 8th of next month. The call ends with an offer for resources, which the man declines.

Machine Learning:

Machine learning uses data to give the machine the ability to learn. This learning happens through data labels. Authenticx leverages humans from the healthcare industry to create data labels that teach the machine how to detect things such as friction in the customer journey, sentiment, HIPAA compliance, adverse event detection, and more.

The data labels that the machine learns from determine the model’s success – what you put in, determines the quality of what comes out. With high volumes of high-quality labeled data, healthcare leaders have the benefit of detecting customer friction that is expressed in a moment, and they can do this at scale.

Expert Systems:

Expert systems seek to simulate the judgment and behavior of a human. What does that mean? It means that human experts can use rule-based logic to direct the machine to find the information that the human desires. New questions and challenges come up every day in business. Using expert systems allows healthcare leaders to use words, phrases, and search logic to surface the insights they are most interested in.

This type of searching allows leaders to review individual interactions, quantify the prevalence of a topic of interest, and look at how that topic has trended over time.

A Call for Action

Customers are interacting with your business every day. AI equips businesses to measure the moments in which customers are having authentic interactions with you. Artificial intelligence is opening a new era of customer listening, with new abilities to monitor and measure moments, rather than recall memories.

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Leslie Pagel is the Chief Evangelist at Authenticx, a conversation analytics company dedicated to improving the way healthcare companies engage with patients. In this role, she creates awareness, across the healthcare industry, of more efficient and effective ways for healthcare organizations to deliver on their customer objectives. With over two decades of working with customer experience (CX) teams, Leslie helps clients actualize the voice of the patient to show how these voices prompt meaningful action.


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