An Update: How Authenticx is offering support to ‘sister’ tech company SoftGeneral

We recently shared how, as a company, Authenticx is coming together to lift up and support SoftGeneral a Ukranian-based tech company 

As a tech community we may feel far away from the situation happening in Ukraine, but small actions can make a big impact. As a company and community we are coming together to lift up and support CEO Anna Nazarenko and her team during this difficult time.

Our CEO Amy Brown has been in contact with Anna, who recently shared a video on daily life in Ukraine. Hear directly from Anna, about what life is like for her now as a tech CEO surrounded by war, and learn ways your organization can offer support.

Anna shared the following ways organizations can show support:

  • Provide employment or contract opportunities for those currently displaced
  • Donate financial assistance for families
  • Give emotional support as individuals and families navigate this extremely stressful time

To support SoftGeneral our company is continuing to align and provide emotional, financial, and hiring support to CEO Anna Nazarenko and her team. SoftGeneral represents 60 people, including employees, their spouses, and children. While some of them have been able to relocate to safer surrounding countries in Europe, many of them are still located in Ukraine. CEO Anna Nazarenko has been using her limited company resources to support her employees with supplies, food, and shelter.

In our effort to provide direct, specific and, tangible support to people living through the war in Ukraine we have started a Go Fund Me on SoftGeneral’s behalf. The money we raise will go directly to the SoftGeneral employee support account that has been established specifically to provide food, shelter, and medicine for employees and their families. Learn more about how Authenticx is offering support to SoftGeneral.

Need some additional ideas? 

Last month, TechPoint shared some ways our tech community can offer support at this time.


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